Monday, July 30, 2007

Changing path ( Jealousy emphasized)

As the title suggested , it may means anything from transformation to a small rectification . As for my meaning here is that ,i am a biology inclined student changing to become one of the physic students. This happened in just mere ONE month from submitting my application to getting the good news . I received the email saying that there was an intake of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer . I said why not give it a try . I just finished my work as a sales person for a shoe fair and i was waiting for my time to go back to my institution for some preparation work on Food Carnival. I didn't expect the project was postponed And this gave me ample time getting prepared. I found all the details from the organisation chart to the components of aircraftfor the interview. I spent most of my time surfing the net for the information . The most helpful part of all is the interviewing part . I got most of the benefits from speaking skills learnt from interview session techniques online.

I can't believe my eyes when i realized that i just obtain the offer . I was surprised and then i felt like i am at the top of the world. I also experienced some disturbance during my bedtime for all the excitement going around. Now i also experienced from some disturbance.

Enviness experienced by most of the people after hearing my news , shows that people are vulnerable to avoid such feeling. My friends also shows that to me when i told them.
After getting the agreement letter from MAS after the briefing session , 2 guarantors are needed to prevent us from escaping the laws and regulations . If i break the contract during the course duration of 5 years ,i have to pay RM 140K . I have asked one of my aunties' son to become the guarantor and before anything . That aunty of mine uttered some sarcastic words and with the expression on her face make my self esteem suffered . She warned us if anything happens she will not pay for that (This is too hurting to say it out and it is understood i knew that i won't bring any trouble to her as this agreement to me represent just signature). She repeated the words again for many times ,but not her son (my cousin).She also spoke to us about her son who failed to get any scholarships and because to secure her son's future , he is taking the cert. of car repair even if he is still an engineer in INTEL . Bla bla bla The hardship he went through.
But then again this is all about jealousy , by getting something you have to be ready for with any bombardments which will let your heart ached.

This is all about life.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Review of Mid 2007

Starting my new life

As a pessimistic thinker from the recent past , to a person full of confidence and willing to fight for my future . These big changes has played a significant role in my life as i would say thanks to become one of the scholarship recipients from a 5 star rating airline company in Malaysia. This is my turning point of my life . I would like to thank my all those people surrounded me during the interview and also after the good news.

I obtained the most inspiration to get me participated in this application of this scholarship came from my recent past-away grandfather. Although in his real life ,he hardly make any close or intimate contact as a grandparents would do with me. He was just an ordinary person and i get the most inspiration from him is because i really respect his courage to fight the disease he had before breathing his last breath without even hissing a word of his pain.

The last time i saw him was during chinese new year 2007 in a private hospital . He came in and out of the hospital many times . But we as the younger generation (grandson) had to respect his wishes to be transferred from his hometown hospital to private hospital in Penang. He said he trusted the services over here and comfortable staying in while received the treatment.

Just after midnight of Pai Thean Kong , he was knocked out because he had complained about breathing difficulty . He went straight to the Govern. hospital. After a few days of observation , he requested to be transfered to the private hospital in Penang. With the life support system ,he was unable to sit on a normal car to arrive at the destination,instead an ambulans was called to make the transfer process can went on smoothly .

2 weeks after he stayed in the hospital ,he was gone. The night before ,he was sitting upwards reading newspaper as my mother advised him not to stay up late . And that was the last time my mother ever spoke to him.

As for me , I spoke to him right before i went back to my study position in Sabah during February 2007. I was not able to pay my last respect as i had a mid term exam that day . This is what make me most regretful about . But i had paid my respect to him , after i came back from my annual semester break .

he gave me a lot not something to do with material stuffs but he gave me more than i could possibly imagine.

Just a mere 6 months / half a year of 2007 , major changes happened in my life .

Comic strip

Haha this a a small programme which i used to create a comic strips artwork . I think i have made it in an interesting way of expressing my thought. Isn't it nice to convey my message in this way?

Sunday, July 8, 2007