Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Since I left Sabah , I have never written an entry in this blog. So , this is my first time in this year I revive my blog again. I will write again if and only if I return to Sabah once more.

I have summarized what my friends said to me when they first saw me :

Why you become so thin?
Maybe because my eating habits was too stringent .
I thought before about my weight issue but i will do something to improve my situation.

You look different with your hair?
My hair? I guess they have never seen me in short hair , last time when i was in Sabah I used to keep my hair in a medium length . I am now already comfortable with my short hair.

Your arms become bigger ?
Thanks to the gym which I go . The facilities provided were as what i have always wanted . When I studied in Sabah, gym was out of reach.

I think that was the comments they gave . Actually now when I am writing my body is very itchy ,I only know how to alleviate the itchiness by applying a type of balm which is made in Thailand. But soon after warmness of the balm diminishes , the itchiness starts again. There are 2 possibilities : the liquor , sunburn.

Speaking about banana liquor, the night before i left Sabah,my close friends were together with me . They suggested to play the card games , the loser will have to drink the liquor. At first was the grapes wine which has 10% alcohol, after finishing the bottle . Next was the bananarama liquor , which has 25% alcohol. I declined but they forced me to drink . I lost mostly in the card games and i had to drink . The wine made a bit dizzy and I felt the earth was moving and very sleppy . After that , with the addition of the Bananarama ,I couldn't help myself but become uncontrollable . The after taste of Bananarama was good but front taste of the liquor was too bitter . I even vomited after the last drink of punishment . (I can say that my situation was nearly like binge drinking )And I slept at early morning around 4 am after a series of unexpected event -'pulling trousers' . I was nearly pulled because I didn't help them to victimized my ex-roomate . They even recorded the whole session on camera including the reveal of the sensitive body parts .

As the sunburn , I was sunburned by the harsh hot weather , if it rained we won't enjoy our trip ,the sunny day brought us a lot of joy and laughter . With my shoulder exposed to the sun directly , the help of the sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 won't prevent my skin from burning. From Sapi Island to Manukan Island , I applied 3 times also won't work. We were transited to another island at around 2 p.m. , the weather was scorching hot but we still go into the sea .

I like Sapi Island very much because of its unsurpassed beauty in the ocean with minimum destroy on the reefs . The fishes were lively and we managed to spot some predators and preys activities . There are artificial corals for the marine life to flourish , I got my knee cut by the coarseness of the artificial coral maybe I stayed at the spot for sometime to look into the artificial coral.

In comparison, I also like Manukan Island but not to the extent like Sapi. The first impression on Manukan was great . As we alighted from the boat at the dock , lots of fishes near the surface of the water including the mini swordfish ,colorful parrot fish . As soon as we entered the sea , most of the corals were destroyed and very few fishes . The sea urchins were abundant in sight which made us returned to the sea . Before we concluded our trip , we went to the far end of the beach in search for better marine animals . As we swim towards the sea , nothing much but dead corals were everywhere . Suddenly , a school of fishes present , my friend fed the bigger-than-usual fishes with non tasty Gardenia bread made in Sabah . I abruptly became afraid of my safety . The distance was very near between the fishes and I ,although it was nice to be surrounded by the fishes . The fishes were wild , I was afraid I will be bitten .

Sex & The City ,The Movie

Today was quite a mixed day but with a little special touch. The day started with an early opening which means that I was awakened by an abrupt alarm at 5 am. But after I broke my fast with a few pieces of soda biscuits and a glass of light chocolate drink, with a doubtful mind I entered my father's car to be sent to the airport. All because of the fuss I have created and the doubts came into my mind. Not only that , (I think that I would like to start my entry with something specific and not anything random )

I was inspired by a specific movie to be flexible in life which I watched the screening of Sex And The City ,The Movie.It was on movie-on-demand section on the flight. I noticed that a fickle minded man with no courage in committing what is best in life will lead to the disappointment of other partner. With the called off of the wedding in the movie by a phone call , the man whom is a bridegroom was not ready to commit under a legal paper of marriage . But the reassurance of the bride is not enough to make a change in his mind. Nothing is more hurting by the let-off of the bride with the others guy, the most important thing is that in other people's eye such embarrassment should not be tolerate.

But in the end of the movie ,Jessica Parker was saved by the email she opened which was sent by his boyfriend. He wrote the quotes from the famous writer of all times. Finally, they forgave and lead them to another level of relationship which is marriage.