Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sex & The City ,The Movie

Today was quite a mixed day but with a little special touch. The day started with an early opening which means that I was awakened by an abrupt alarm at 5 am. But after I broke my fast with a few pieces of soda biscuits and a glass of light chocolate drink, with a doubtful mind I entered my father's car to be sent to the airport. All because of the fuss I have created and the doubts came into my mind. Not only that , (I think that I would like to start my entry with something specific and not anything random )

I was inspired by a specific movie to be flexible in life which I watched the screening of Sex And The City ,The Movie.It was on movie-on-demand section on the flight. I noticed that a fickle minded man with no courage in committing what is best in life will lead to the disappointment of other partner. With the called off of the wedding in the movie by a phone call , the man whom is a bridegroom was not ready to commit under a legal paper of marriage . But the reassurance of the bride is not enough to make a change in his mind. Nothing is more hurting by the let-off of the bride with the others guy, the most important thing is that in other people's eye such embarrassment should not be tolerate.

But in the end of the movie ,Jessica Parker was saved by the email she opened which was sent by his boyfriend. He wrote the quotes from the famous writer of all times. Finally, they forgave and lead them to another level of relationship which is marriage.

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