Saturday, December 22, 2007

First time 歩いて 旅行

I have already reached osaka this morning at 7 a.m. ,the customs was easier than i expected(they didn't asked anything let me go after the photo and biometric finger print) .I waited for nearly half hours near to 8 a.m. which is the time we agreed on. I also went to the international departure hall to film on my camcorder. Then i met shao thing on 11 a.m. at another train station (JR station ) because he forgot to wake up early. It is okay , i managed to get thru by asking the receptionists. I bought the ticket thru a vending machine ,the technology is so advanced. The trip of airport limousine costs 1800 yen=around RM 58 . Talkin about expenses, Shao Thing has paid for my lunch (beef rice with miso soup and ochya cost 400 en ) then he also paid for my bus fair by prepaid card . Luckily, he helped me carry the heavy green luggage and i carried the light luggage and bags.

All the way for easier understanding , the whole day it is raining even before the plane touched down. My luggages were drenched because the floor was wet.
After bath ,now i am writing this.

Hope it won't rain till nite.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Japan Frenzy

Nothing change recently physically but the surrounding i lived has changed .

I was delighted when my father applied for me an air ticket using the annual travel benefit to Osaka ,Jp. I told my friends about that and somehow they are envy about my holiday plan. After getting through the thick and thin of the process of getting the Visa from the Japan Embassy in Stonor Road ,KL, I started to think of the difficulty in making the trip successful .

Just now after went to KLCC for some window shopping , I took the LRT to KL sentral . Not to my expectation, the person in charge in the KL transit counter told me that i can't enjoy the staff benefit of getting the discounted price. I was damn disappointed and went to the bus stop just a stone throw away from the KL sentral. Luckily , I aboarded the bus as soon as i reached the bus stop. I was managed to catch the 1740 bus from SZB to KLIA.

HAha , I never write a blog before in a bus . This is my first time. It will leave me with a memorable experience. You would ask what is that so memorable , I am going to tell you , I bet you will be difficult to think of it. My laptop is experiencing an earthquake strike condition because of the bumpy road . Hopefully , I can reach Penang before midnight.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Money 'GAP'

On last Saturday , i went to another warehouse sales . This time is the FJ Benjamin warehouse sales at the Parkroyal Hotel which is near to the Low Yat Plaza. Actually ,i wanted to go there on Friday after my class but I have no confident on the flow of the traffic that will consume a lot of my time before i reach . Then again, the sales closed at 7 p.m. The words ' no pain no gain' is very suitable for my context today. Talking about the sales, as i expected there were plentiful of people lined up to wait for their turns. I discussed with my friend ,Timonthy that we will leave if the clock strikes 4.30 p.m. Lucky enough , we went in before the time set by us.

When i first stepped in, there are 'aunties' squatting down to search for the clothes,then the crowds were everywhere and not to mention :noise. I don't know where to start straight i went to the Guess bin (not much left). Then ,i went around to shop for some good bargain. I landed myself with a nice duffle bag and a bootcut jeans. It costs me RM 100 each.

Before going to the paying counter, I was going to find myself a nice sweater but the size was not right for me. I found one piece of jacket at the GAP kids section and it fitted nicely on my body. Surprised! I really need to grow but then the biological clock said 'STOP IT"! The frequency of usage which i thought deter me from buying the nice rugged brown jacket.

Hope where is no more sales if not i will spend the allowance given monthly till it dries off.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

CLARKS Warehouse Clearance Sales (24-26 Nov 07)

# A Clarks footwear classic, originating in 1965.
# Progressive moccasin design on a nature-formed last to create the world’s first comfort shoe.
# Genuine plantation crepe outsole cushions the foot.
# Nature-formed last allows for a natural toe spread with a leather sockliner to keep feet comfortable and dry.

Cater to your creature comforts in the Wallabee moccasin from Clarks.
Leather footbed lining wicks away moisture for a splendid interior climate.
Product features include:Leather lining, Rubber sole, EVA insole, Handsewn construction.

Leather upper leather/other materials lining/sock leather outsole. Taupe.

I got up early today but not early because i usually i wake up at 7 am for my class. But today was different i am up to another purpose.I wanted to go to the Clarks Warehouse Sales in Shah Alam . I took one of my friends with me and together we went to the sales this morning.

Beyond our expectation,there are lots of people over there .The crowd was huge and long. After we parked our car at the road side, I found out that there was a chance for us to go in. We both walked to the entrance of the warehouse and sneaked into the line by then the crowd was moving because it was 10 a.m.(opening time) Hurray!! we got our turn faster than i thought. Then , I also cut the line while entering the hall. There were some people in the hall but not many yet.

I found out the slip-in slipper was nice but then the price was expensive RM120(only 23 percent discount). I put back and then i phoned up my dad to ask whether he want the boots leather shoes .He disagreed. But at the other corner of the counter, there were a selection of Clarks Original shoes. I spotted the Clarks Wallabee ,I actually wanted to buy the suede wallabee . One of the customers told me that the fibre on the shoes easily come out . Then , i picked up the black leather version of wallabee for my dad because this type of shoes is to his preference.

Then i returned back to the counter which i took the slipper from ,and i was interested in the sandals (Vital Route) .But only got size:11 . In my mind, I was thinking of the straps which can tighten my legs onto my sandals.

Then ,I headed to the payment counter the cue was short but outside the crowd was huge . I felt sad for them (Pss. sorry for jumping cue).

(after 50% discount)RM 130 for Vital Route sandals.
(after 40% discount)RM 200 Black Leather Wallabee shoe.
Total: RM330

I went back at 11 a.m. What a nice shopping experience.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Losing a 'pacifier'

Now i can't remain silent in the dark ,i need to scream it out and i found out that i am a lost sheep in a cave with no one out there to help . I lost 3 of my freedom and i don't know what to do. One gone i still can manage , the second goes then i still can cope, the third one which gone forever makes me feel unbearable. I really need to commit suicide . I can't bear the emotional pain anymore.

Still remember the good old days ,when we travelled together to other countries . We enjoyed the benefits and then i really appreciated the discounted tickets i get but sometimes i really hate of waiting for my turn to board the flight .Then it is still very fortunate for me to travel by air and not the same with my school friends who need to travel by road back to their hometown. I was very fortunate , thanks to MAS . But now it is over . I can't even get a discount ticket anymore. In the rules, they need a full time students studying in a government recognised institution in order to get the benefit but METC is not recognised by the government and we are now not studying but training (get allowance) . It is damn unfair for us to bear the consequence of being treated like that. The f**king rules should change for good. This year is my last year enjoy the benefit of staff travel . Next year onwards i need to scratch my head to think of the dates i need to travel and buy the tickets earlier . Last time this problem is not in my consideration but now i finally in their shoes. If i am one of my friends who didn't get the benefits from the start then i can still cope with it. For my case , i am so used to getting the benefits then suddenly i lost everything .As for you , how can you cope with it? No family vacation together (for me family is very pivotal ), no hospital benefit (to cure my sinus) , no more discount airfare. This is the third thing i mentioned earlier. The first and the second one i have coped it well. It is unbearable to swallow the grudge anymore.

Remembering the days when i was in UMS, so much holidays we have and freedom we get from the holidays. Now it is totally over. I sacrificed my interest for my future , then holidays , finally the MAS benefits. I really headed about the matter and i wish nothing has changed . If i am still in UMS then i can still enjoy the benefit of travel until i finished my course. Now my benefits are robbed and i have to bear for 2 years without the benefits until i can enjoy the benefits of my own because on the 4th year and 5 th year we will have our staff's numbers (MAS employees).

I wish i was younger like my friends who are still 18 years old . By the time they finish their 3 years with benefits then straight away they get their benefits on their own. For me, my 'road' ends here .Definitely I won't be going back so frequent (eg. for the weekends), less chance to see my grandmas . I missed them very much . I don't want the history to relive again. I lost my grandfather but i can't even pay my last respect to him. Now ,i fear i won't have the chance to accompany my grandparents more often as they are old and they will not live long in this world.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have realized that there are something in common between KL and Penang. Before i went to KL which was around half a year ago ,i didn't think much about the things which are similar with Penang and KL. After having 'city' sick , i really missed the paradise of Sabah and its memories . Penang is an island (u may think of nice beaches and nature ,but u are wrong !),development and reconstruction in some area sooner or later will become a concrete jungle like KL.

In KL ,of course there are more and more 'Chic' places to visit .The recently ,The Gardens in Mid Valley, Pavillion near KlCC . The more i see the development ,i realized that people in cities are more likely to be trapped in materialize world than rural area. As for me , I couldn't find a peace of mind when i can't see all the beautiful nature of the surrounding. Even more is that now i am studying from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening which restricts my life from anything beyond my books.

I remember some words we exchanged when i met my friend,W.Gie . He said that in Singapore the shopping malls are very nice but they look almost the same and nothing special about it . I told him that I have a close contact with the mother nature during some outdoor activities in the jungle and riverside. He replied that my life in Sabah is more fun than his . Now , no longer there and i am in his shoes now.

Friday, October 12, 2007

In Penang Finally

Although my Student Affair officer had released me earlier to do my termination process in Sabah but I failed to do so, instead i went back Penang straight.This is due to unforseen circumstances . I originally waited for the 7 p.m. flight to BKI but failed . And later i found out from a MAS staff saying that the following flight was full and there were still many passengers waiting for the empty seats to onboard. Therefore, i decided there and then that i wanted to fly back Penang instead of BKI . No flight until the next morning at 7a.m. I was quite disappointed because my initial plan was disturbed and i have no choice but to go back Penang .

I was quite curious why i was not ' awarded' the flight but my friend Timonthy was. I then i was explained by MAS staff of the reason.
Then, we both said goodbye in the departure terminal and i went to gate A6 and he went to gate A7 . Hai.....Just a mere thing makes a lot of difference. At least i learnt a lesson .

In the flight to Penang, I was given a window seat and i was the first person sitting next to the emergency exit. At first , I think this was not a nice place to sit because i need to learn how to evacuate (luckily not happened) but then i was quite happy because the airstewardess was sitting in front of me and i was able to stretch my legs to the furthest i can and not blocked by anything.
The flight was very empty on 30 of us in the departure hall and the most is around 40 of us in the flight. I was given another cup of milo by the airsteward but i refused then he persuaded me again .Finally i accepted . WAH, 3 cups of milo in a row. I was very full . The maximum cups of milo i drank in a short haul flight.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


We are going to have our holiday soon which is on the 11 to 17 of Oct 2007 but we have sent in the petition on extending our holiday to 21 of Oct , it failed. So , as a step to increase my holiday to 2 days more i wrote a letter to Mr. Au our Student Affair Officer . And he said he will approve it if i give the letter to him. Hopefully he will approve and then i will be going to sabah to do my termination on my uni and have my holidays there.

Hope my wish will come true.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Visiting to my place

Tarra!!! Both of my best friends visited me lo.

Geh with me . He put the caption on his facebook saying that he waited so long for me. My mistake . :-)

I always wanted somebody to come over to my place and have a short stay with me. As i never experience before such feeling and wanted to feel that way. Now , i realize that there are things to be done before the arrival of the guest. Treat them well and they will leave a nice feeling after.

For the past 1 week , i have visitor to my house , and the other one met at the KL sentral. Both are my best friends. ST gave me a shock when he told me that he was coming on tuesday (11 sept) . On that day , i was in CBT and i opened my msn but to my surprise ST told me that he was going to come to my place and then he left the chatroom without clearly understood the direction to my place. If i were him , i am surely going to go crazy for all the things happening in such a short notice without plan.I have never have a guest staying our at my place before. To tell you frankly, i have never been good at planning things as something comes up then i will go hairwired. Sorry back to the incident, then he told me he will be arriving at night . And i informed him to be alert and alight from the bus after the kampong. And he failed to do so , instead he went all the way far from my place. I also didn't inform him well about the name of bus stop where he should stop . And also he assume that my place is further away from the kampong. Both of us also have mistake.

We ate nasi lemak together at the Arafar restaurant and then he went to stall again to buy. It is because he crave to eat nasi lemak . I think if he did not eat nasi lemak that night , he won't have many chances to eat anymore (japan don't have ). That night we slept quite late.

The next day , we went to visit his friends ,this includes Dennis, Wei Chiat, Bak Kim ( i remember her nickname only ,sorry). We went to SS2 and have our dinner.back then I felt nervous and scared because of the mysterious caller who rang me up while we in our journey to SS2. Forget it . That incident i put behind my head long time ago.

The third day , he went to meet with his brother in KL and later he went to meet with our junior prefects in Sunway. And i thought he will be back on the night ,but he failed . It is due to his programme for that day hasn't ended. And i brought his luggage to him at Subang Airport and we had our lunch together at MHub before he went to Singapore.

I finally got one guest stayed at my house already.

The other best friends, I met with him at KL sentral and we have no where to go but stay at the Mcd to enjoy our dinner meanwhile chit chat about his experience in singapore.He gave me a alcoholic chocolate . The taste of the whiskey was too intense like eating wasabi.

Looking at his photos in digital camera, I thought he must have enjoyed his trip very much until i realize that he also suffered from some disappoinment from some incidents.Nothing is perfect. This one i add pepper add salt nia.

So Sayonara to both of my best friends , one of them is going back today (probably reach de by now)and follow by the other in one weeks time.

Take care and keep in touch.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Apartment stay in Ferringgi

I checked my sent folder of my Gmail which dated 2 yrs ago and i found .......
I still remember this is one of the most memorable experience happened during our class stay in the Sri Sayang apartment during our F 6 time. That evening we played the games and then we punished those who are the losers.

One of the games really kept us occupied our time well because we used the whole apartment as our playground .The game called thieves and police. Our team got Alex and others but then in the end when we become the thieves .We hide ourselves in the garbage room or storeroom and noone got us.

That was 2 yrs ago.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

KUKL 2007

This is the first time in my life i went to the air show in Malaysia. The Karnival Udara Kuala Lumpur which is from 30th of August to 1st Sept 2007 in Terminal 3 . We walked from our training school which is near to the MAS complex B to the Terminal 3 took about 20 minutes .During our last day before holiday , permission was given to let us visit the KUKL.

But as we were inside the Terminal 3 ,the space which occupied the passengers' building is now empty . It is a waste of space because the place is not fully utilized. From the terminal , we can see the hanger of Eurocopter .

My friends and I were waiting at the front of the entrance to get a conformation from the authority about the concession tickets which we requested. Finally , the request was turned down. Initially , we decided to go back but then we saw a group of seniors were going from the other entrance which is for VIPs. Then we followed them. First ,we went to the exhibition hall . There is nothing there except some interesting flight simulator and some companies promoting their aviation products. Then, we saw the team moving to the custom checking counters. And we hesitated for a while whether to follow or not. But then , we followed. Outside the terminal, we saw a couples of small turbine engine aircrafts together with the helicopters.

We managed to take some photos for memory and touched the body of the aircrafts which i never did before. It was started to rain, and one of the turbine engine aircraft airborne.The acrobatics done by the aircraft was fantastic . It flew near us and we started to applause.

Unforgettable experience.

METC Exposure

In a short period of 1 month , I have studied in this building . The small extension on the left of the building is the Cafe 147 which we have our meals here . I study from 8 in the morning till 5 p.m. All the time before our class, we will have a roll-call in front of the building . That’s what we do in weekdays.

This is the attendance list of our class 5. Do you see my name?

On the left is Timonthy , I am in the middle.

Over looking from the window in our classroom is the hangers of DCA and Island Air by YTL Holdings.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Everything .....BUT

Stream flow like a river,
Difference is in its speed,
Humans vary in terms of skin colour,
BUT, Authorities determine who is the boss.

Apples fall off to the ground,
Proves earth has a force called gravity,
Fell off from motorbike doesn't prove anything,
BUT, Foolishness.

Hidden treasures are meant to be found,
Everybody loves to own the valuable treasures,
All of us love to dream,
BUT,are we getting what we want in our dreams?

Game over in computer games mean start from Level 1,
Enjoy process of failing and success before conquer the rest,
In reality,none of us want to start from scratch ,
BUT, For our future we have to say ' YES '.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Free Round Penang Island and mainland with Rapid

I have taken this booklet on the first day Rapid Penang hit the road. They gave out this booklet to everyone on the bus and also to the public at bus station. I was lucky to get this booklet on the first day to guide me through the journey to round the Penang state without transport fees.

11.09 a.m. 02.08.2007
I was waiting for the bus U401 to begin my journey . This bus is from Weld Quay bus hub to Balik Pulau bus hub . The bus was packed . This is the larger version of Rapid Penang with more intricate manoeuvre system.

Everyone was packing the bus and everyone including the senior citizens and the handicapped people have the chance to board the bus.

11.54 a.m. 02.08.2007
This is the new bus terminal for Balik Pulau. The journey was a bumpy ride because the road is being repair and expansion of the road is in progress.

As i walked passed , there is a school on my left.

12.30 p.m. 02.07.2007
Em.... Nice isn't it. This is the famous Laksa of Balik Pulau.Before this, i ate a bowl of Wanton noodles.I ate it before continue my journey .

This is the Laksa stall which i ordered from. The old Balik Pulau Market is going to be evicted to the new one next to the new bus terminal.

1.23 p.m. 02.07.2007
This the small bus T501 which brought us from Balik Pulau to Teluk Bahang . The journey took around half an hour.

We were stucked with another 2 Rapid buses (another bus is not in this picture)on the opposite direction .So our bus had to reverse .

Do u see the coastline at the far end?

2.07 p.m. 02.07.2007
This is the Teluk Bahang Dam. Annual event like the dragon boat race organized in this venue.

3.36p.m. 02.07.2007
I took the bus U101 from Teluk Bahang to Weld Quay . While sitting in the bus, I noticed the MPPP employees were busy labelling the Rapid signboard .

3.45 p.m. 02.07.2007
I have reached the Weld Quay bus terminal.The buses were systematically drop and pick the passengers.

All walks of life are trying out the free service given by Rapid Penang.

5.12 p.m. 02.07.2007
Reached Megamall bus terminal with sleepy eyes because i slept all the way from Weld Quay to Megamall which is on the mainland via Penang Bridge.

This is my the journey i have travelled ,round the Penang Island to Butterworth and came back home .

Thanks Rapid !

Monday, July 30, 2007

Changing path ( Jealousy emphasized)

As the title suggested , it may means anything from transformation to a small rectification . As for my meaning here is that ,i am a biology inclined student changing to become one of the physic students. This happened in just mere ONE month from submitting my application to getting the good news . I received the email saying that there was an intake of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer . I said why not give it a try . I just finished my work as a sales person for a shoe fair and i was waiting for my time to go back to my institution for some preparation work on Food Carnival. I didn't expect the project was postponed And this gave me ample time getting prepared. I found all the details from the organisation chart to the components of aircraftfor the interview. I spent most of my time surfing the net for the information . The most helpful part of all is the interviewing part . I got most of the benefits from speaking skills learnt from interview session techniques online.

I can't believe my eyes when i realized that i just obtain the offer . I was surprised and then i felt like i am at the top of the world. I also experienced some disturbance during my bedtime for all the excitement going around. Now i also experienced from some disturbance.

Enviness experienced by most of the people after hearing my news , shows that people are vulnerable to avoid such feeling. My friends also shows that to me when i told them.
After getting the agreement letter from MAS after the briefing session , 2 guarantors are needed to prevent us from escaping the laws and regulations . If i break the contract during the course duration of 5 years ,i have to pay RM 140K . I have asked one of my aunties' son to become the guarantor and before anything . That aunty of mine uttered some sarcastic words and with the expression on her face make my self esteem suffered . She warned us if anything happens she will not pay for that (This is too hurting to say it out and it is understood i knew that i won't bring any trouble to her as this agreement to me represent just signature). She repeated the words again for many times ,but not her son (my cousin).She also spoke to us about her son who failed to get any scholarships and because to secure her son's future , he is taking the cert. of car repair even if he is still an engineer in INTEL . Bla bla bla The hardship he went through.
But then again this is all about jealousy , by getting something you have to be ready for with any bombardments which will let your heart ached.

This is all about life.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Review of Mid 2007

Starting my new life

As a pessimistic thinker from the recent past , to a person full of confidence and willing to fight for my future . These big changes has played a significant role in my life as i would say thanks to become one of the scholarship recipients from a 5 star rating airline company in Malaysia. This is my turning point of my life . I would like to thank my all those people surrounded me during the interview and also after the good news.

I obtained the most inspiration to get me participated in this application of this scholarship came from my recent past-away grandfather. Although in his real life ,he hardly make any close or intimate contact as a grandparents would do with me. He was just an ordinary person and i get the most inspiration from him is because i really respect his courage to fight the disease he had before breathing his last breath without even hissing a word of his pain.

The last time i saw him was during chinese new year 2007 in a private hospital . He came in and out of the hospital many times . But we as the younger generation (grandson) had to respect his wishes to be transferred from his hometown hospital to private hospital in Penang. He said he trusted the services over here and comfortable staying in while received the treatment.

Just after midnight of Pai Thean Kong , he was knocked out because he had complained about breathing difficulty . He went straight to the Govern. hospital. After a few days of observation , he requested to be transfered to the private hospital in Penang. With the life support system ,he was unable to sit on a normal car to arrive at the destination,instead an ambulans was called to make the transfer process can went on smoothly .

2 weeks after he stayed in the hospital ,he was gone. The night before ,he was sitting upwards reading newspaper as my mother advised him not to stay up late . And that was the last time my mother ever spoke to him.

As for me , I spoke to him right before i went back to my study position in Sabah during February 2007. I was not able to pay my last respect as i had a mid term exam that day . This is what make me most regretful about . But i had paid my respect to him , after i came back from my annual semester break .

he gave me a lot not something to do with material stuffs but he gave me more than i could possibly imagine.

Just a mere 6 months / half a year of 2007 , major changes happened in my life .

Comic strip

Haha this a a small programme which i used to create a comic strips artwork . I think i have made it in an interesting way of expressing my thought. Isn't it nice to convey my message in this way?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

All about Heineken

I have never in my life drank a bottle of beer.I have drank a can of beer which is the Chang Beer .Thinking about Chang Beer , it is somehow drew my memories back to the past when my best friend ,Geh was still in Penang.He spared me one of his few cans of beer which he had taken from his home to the annual prefect New Year Celebration.We were at form 4 that moment.

By then ,I drank the can of beer forcefully because I wanted to proof that I have grown up. Sound kind of weird ,I know. Now ,I started to enjoy the real taste of beer. Tonight was the second gathering in 2007 of Jun Juong and my ex-schoolmates ,first we went to Max restaurant to have our dinner and then window shopping at Queensbay mall. After that,we search for a suitable place for us to have a little chat. Finally,we found Bailey’s Pub at Crystal Point . We went there and ordered a bottle of Heineken each . Till around 12.20 p.m. we left the place and went to Pelita Nasi Kandar which is opposite my house for a supper.

Talking about the beer, I have realized that the taste of the beer is different from taking a sip and drink it in a full glup . Then before I can further explain the enjoyment of the beer ,I have to be more experience to clarify further.

The Heineken beer is somehow different from the Carlsberg Beer .The major different is the after taste of the beer, Heineken has no after taste and less bitter compared to Carlsberg.

Glass bottles remain the most popular way of enjoying Heineken, with the distinctive green 33cl bottle taking centre stage in more than 180 countries across the globe.

Wherever you travel, you will find that this green bottle delivers the unique taste and flavour of Heineken – a beer that’s been brewed in Holland since 1873.

But whilst the country and climate may change, the taste and purity of our beer remains the same - the very highest quality, brewed to the most rigid standards and using only natural the taste and purity of our beer remains the same - the very highest quality, brewed to the most rigid standards and using only natural ingredients.

Packaging dimensions
330cl - height 225.5 x diameter 60.4 mm
250cl: height 197 x diameter 56.5mm

250cl - 166-203gr(depending on glass technology and returnable or one-way)
330cl: weight 233-247gr(depending on glass technology and returnable or one-way)


250cl and 330cl of Heineken quality beer

Key benefits
designed to be easy to hold and handle
green stands for freshness, nature and life.

it takes 8 weeks to produce a bottle of Heineken.

the star on the label is a traditional brewing symbol of quality, with origins dating back over 500 years.

the ‘e’ in Heineken is set at an angle to make it appear as if smiling.

Heineken A-Yeast, isolated in 1886, is still used today to give Heineken its distinctive taste.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A NIKE Experience

I am here not to promote anything but to leave a memorable experience in my life.I was working in a Nike shop in Queensbay Mall. I heard that there is a sales going on at the Prangin Mall outlet. The management of the Pallas Unlimited is going to close down the shop by end of the month(June 2007) . So after working for about 2 weeks at Queensbay Mall ,finally i have freedom to do whatever i want. I went to Prangin Mall on 11 of June in the morning. I saw one pair of my fav Nike shoes which is the NIke Free series. I really like them . Not only the Free range have nice outlook but also it is heavenly light as if you are wearing nothing.

I have tried some pairs when i was working in Queensbay Mall. I have aquired a lot knowledge .Among the different types of shoes ,I can manage to differentiate the range correctly.Before that, I know nothing about those Nike shoes because i never own one and couldn't bother to even know .

Talking back to the previous paragraph,i was tempted by the sales going on at the store .At night after a tiring day out with Alex and his friend, I persuaded my father to drive me there and pick up that shoes .

When we were at the shop on monday night ,the crowd was there even the school holidays are over. I tried a few pairs of shoes including Nike Air Max,Air 360,Air 180,Free,Nike + and many others. Actually i wanted to buy the Nike + shoes but the discount is 30 percent .Then later i went over to Basketball shoes ,the discount is 50 percent but i was given advice that these basketball shoes can't use for running and training activities ,therefore i didn't choose the range. After a whole shoes hunting experience ,I decided to buy that Nike Free Trail 5.0 shoes ,because there is the only Nike Free left on the display cabinet . I bought it for around RM 190 ,the original price is RM 330 . I enjoyed 40 percent discount on that pair of shoes.

I am like the George of the jungle starting to appreciate the 'urban' of shoes' technology.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007