Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eggs throwing

Since last week , a rollercoaster ride hasn't immobilize yet. But as what I have expected, it has not going any better. I wasn't very happy for the fact that I did such an irresponsible action which leads to the suffering of others. But no body will understand my action, at least listen to my explanation before any prejudgments take place.

After my birthday which fell on 18th of March , I let myself cool down on what I had reacted on the previous day. I still can't believe that they( classmates) are still planning to throw eggs at me as a continuation of yesterday's brutal action. I was planning to avoid their curse by changing my parking to the other side . By doing that I did not inform anyone except Bskrn. Therefore nobody other than him knows about that , I don't want the news to spread. As a result , I am not risking myself again for the eggs throwing.

I admit that I am being selfish but there is the only way to make such decision in a hurry manner, I don't have a choice. I don't like the fact that being 'played' by classmates . Although you may say that they are playing with you and no harm will be caused. That is incorrect from my point of view, the eggs throwing will make me discomfort and uneasy . Not only that, the undesirable stench and dirty stains on my clothes will drive me crazy. I was thinking of bearing the consequences which I don't like, just to fulfill everybody's 'dream' but do you know that I have suffered enough and always have to keep silent behind the curtain.

I tried to stand in the same shoes like my ex-car pool counterpart , I realized that if I was at his position I will definitely get mad and I don't blamed anyone of making him to take them home first instead of going back home. Like me , I became hysteria when I was running from them and kept on looking behind if anyone was chasing after me. I didn't take their phone calls because I am afraid they will locate my position and provide information to the eggs throwers to have the chance to throw.

I will hope everybody has an equal chance to be forgave , I will improve on my emotion management and hopefully won't cause any troubles to anyone. I sincerely admit my wrong undertaking .

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Frustration over Exam!!

Last week was our Module 10 exam on Air Legislation, we sat for our multiple choice exam at first then followed by the essay writing section exam.

This exam was different with the others because of its exam nature and the subject is more towards memorizing the law and regulation of aviation which i dislike. Not only that , the insignificant numbers seems not important but it paid your efforts off if you memorized . Nothing seems easy with this subject. On the other hand , this module brightens up my mind towards the law and regulations of the aviation world.

Sorry for that long introduction , after we finished our essay exam and wanted to call it a day. The chief examiner , ms Martini announced to us that our MCQ exam was scraped . To our surprised , she explained that someone in our class had gotten the answer sheet with answers . And someone copied it down before the exam starts . I was thinking about the last page of answer sheet in our examiner's hand before the start of the exam, my guess was right !-that piece of paper was the model answer sheet with the correct answers bolded in black.

Our hatred towards the irresponsible examiner and the chief examiner who gave the model answers sheet to a student . That was totally unprofessional and unethical to confess their 'blind' errors and we get the ultimate consequences of retaking the exam next week .

As an insider , the head of management had its name tarnished and everybody knows that including outsiders .Some of our lecturers left METC for good and landed in a well-paid institution eg: Transmile and Nilai College.Our training centre has becoming an empty nest for the lone who deserved to be alone.

DR Syndrome

It has been a while that i didn't make a single entry in my blog. I felt that my life now has becoming better in terms of quality , but i suffer from a 'distant relationship syndrome ' , this syndrome is waiting to strike any minute if the setting is right.

I come to realize this syndrome which hidden in my mind for quite sometime. Everytime i leave my family or my family leaves me , i will feel the emptiness and loneliness . The strange feeling of quietness and 'dead' air in my living room makes me confuse. When i was concentrating on something , the feeling was kicked aside. But when i looked at the living room again , the figureless hall makes my heart aches . The voice and laughter was gone .

Sometimes i feel like going into my blur state which i did before. I used this to cope with my intolerance with the quality state of living. Now it was totally different subject of comparison.

I would like to visit my parents whenever possible but of the time constraint I 'm afraid not. The 'distant relationship syndrome' catches me whenever i leave them .