Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Visiting to my place

Tarra!!! Both of my best friends visited me lo.

Geh with me . He put the caption on his facebook saying that he waited so long for me. My mistake . :-)

I always wanted somebody to come over to my place and have a short stay with me. As i never experience before such feeling and wanted to feel that way. Now , i realize that there are things to be done before the arrival of the guest. Treat them well and they will leave a nice feeling after.

For the past 1 week , i have visitor to my house , and the other one met at the KL sentral. Both are my best friends. ST gave me a shock when he told me that he was coming on tuesday (11 sept) . On that day , i was in CBT and i opened my msn but to my surprise ST told me that he was going to come to my place and then he left the chatroom without clearly understood the direction to my place. If i were him , i am surely going to go crazy for all the things happening in such a short notice without plan.I have never have a guest staying our at my place before. To tell you frankly, i have never been good at planning things as something comes up then i will go hairwired. Sorry back to the incident, then he told me he will be arriving at night . And i informed him to be alert and alight from the bus after the kampong. And he failed to do so , instead he went all the way far from my place. I also didn't inform him well about the name of bus stop where he should stop . And also he assume that my place is further away from the kampong. Both of us also have mistake.

We ate nasi lemak together at the Arafar restaurant and then he went to stall again to buy. It is because he crave to eat nasi lemak . I think if he did not eat nasi lemak that night , he won't have many chances to eat anymore (japan don't have ). That night we slept quite late.

The next day , we went to visit his friends ,this includes Dennis, Wei Chiat, Bak Kim ( i remember her nickname only ,sorry). We went to SS2 and have our dinner.back then I felt nervous and scared because of the mysterious caller who rang me up while we in our journey to SS2. Forget it . That incident i put behind my head long time ago.

The third day , he went to meet with his brother in KL and later he went to meet with our junior prefects in Sunway. And i thought he will be back on the night ,but he failed . It is due to his programme for that day hasn't ended. And i brought his luggage to him at Subang Airport and we had our lunch together at MHub before he went to Singapore.

I finally got one guest stayed at my house already.

The other best friends, I met with him at KL sentral and we have no where to go but stay at the Mcd to enjoy our dinner meanwhile chit chat about his experience in singapore.He gave me a alcoholic chocolate . The taste of the whiskey was too intense like eating wasabi.

Looking at his photos in digital camera, I thought he must have enjoyed his trip very much until i realize that he also suffered from some disappoinment from some incidents.Nothing is perfect. This one i add pepper add salt nia.

So Sayonara to both of my best friends , one of them is going back today (probably reach de by now)and follow by the other in one weeks time.

Take care and keep in touch.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Apartment stay in Ferringgi

I checked my sent folder of my Gmail which dated 2 yrs ago and i found .......
I still remember this is one of the most memorable experience happened during our class stay in the Sri Sayang apartment during our F 6 time. That evening we played the games and then we punished those who are the losers.

One of the games really kept us occupied our time well because we used the whole apartment as our playground .The game called thieves and police. Our team got Alex and others but then in the end when we become the thieves .We hide ourselves in the garbage room or storeroom and noone got us.

That was 2 yrs ago.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

KUKL 2007

This is the first time in my life i went to the air show in Malaysia. The Karnival Udara Kuala Lumpur which is from 30th of August to 1st Sept 2007 in Terminal 3 . We walked from our training school which is near to the MAS complex B to the Terminal 3 took about 20 minutes .During our last day before holiday , permission was given to let us visit the KUKL.

But as we were inside the Terminal 3 ,the space which occupied the passengers' building is now empty . It is a waste of space because the place is not fully utilized. From the terminal , we can see the hanger of Eurocopter .

My friends and I were waiting at the front of the entrance to get a conformation from the authority about the concession tickets which we requested. Finally , the request was turned down. Initially , we decided to go back but then we saw a group of seniors were going from the other entrance which is for VIPs. Then we followed them. First ,we went to the exhibition hall . There is nothing there except some interesting flight simulator and some companies promoting their aviation products. Then, we saw the team moving to the custom checking counters. And we hesitated for a while whether to follow or not. But then , we followed. Outside the terminal, we saw a couples of small turbine engine aircrafts together with the helicopters.

We managed to take some photos for memory and touched the body of the aircrafts which i never did before. It was started to rain, and one of the turbine engine aircraft airborne.The acrobatics done by the aircraft was fantastic . It flew near us and we started to applause.

Unforgettable experience.

METC Exposure

In a short period of 1 month , I have studied in this building . The small extension on the left of the building is the Cafe 147 which we have our meals here . I study from 8 in the morning till 5 p.m. All the time before our class, we will have a roll-call in front of the building . That’s what we do in weekdays.

This is the attendance list of our class 5. Do you see my name?

On the left is Timonthy , I am in the middle.

Over looking from the window in our classroom is the hangers of DCA and Island Air by YTL Holdings.