Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have realized that there are something in common between KL and Penang. Before i went to KL which was around half a year ago ,i didn't think much about the things which are similar with Penang and KL. After having 'city' sick , i really missed the paradise of Sabah and its memories . Penang is an island (u may think of nice beaches and nature ,but u are wrong !),development and reconstruction in some area sooner or later will become a concrete jungle like KL.

In KL ,of course there are more and more 'Chic' places to visit .The recently ,The Gardens in Mid Valley, Pavillion near KlCC . The more i see the development ,i realized that people in cities are more likely to be trapped in materialize world than rural area. As for me , I couldn't find a peace of mind when i can't see all the beautiful nature of the surrounding. Even more is that now i am studying from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening which restricts my life from anything beyond my books.

I remember some words we exchanged when i met my friend,W.Gie . He said that in Singapore the shopping malls are very nice but they look almost the same and nothing special about it . I told him that I have a close contact with the mother nature during some outdoor activities in the jungle and riverside. He replied that my life in Sabah is more fun than his . Now , no longer there and i am in his shoes now.

Friday, October 12, 2007

In Penang Finally

Although my Student Affair officer had released me earlier to do my termination process in Sabah but I failed to do so, instead i went back Penang straight.This is due to unforseen circumstances . I originally waited for the 7 p.m. flight to BKI but failed . And later i found out from a MAS staff saying that the following flight was full and there were still many passengers waiting for the empty seats to onboard. Therefore, i decided there and then that i wanted to fly back Penang instead of BKI . No flight until the next morning at 7a.m. I was quite disappointed because my initial plan was disturbed and i have no choice but to go back Penang .

I was quite curious why i was not ' awarded' the flight but my friend Timonthy was. I then i was explained by MAS staff of the reason.
Then, we both said goodbye in the departure terminal and i went to gate A6 and he went to gate A7 . Hai.....Just a mere thing makes a lot of difference. At least i learnt a lesson .

In the flight to Penang, I was given a window seat and i was the first person sitting next to the emergency exit. At first , I think this was not a nice place to sit because i need to learn how to evacuate (luckily not happened) but then i was quite happy because the airstewardess was sitting in front of me and i was able to stretch my legs to the furthest i can and not blocked by anything.
The flight was very empty on 30 of us in the departure hall and the most is around 40 of us in the flight. I was given another cup of milo by the airsteward but i refused then he persuaded me again .Finally i accepted . WAH, 3 cups of milo in a row. I was very full . The maximum cups of milo i drank in a short haul flight.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


We are going to have our holiday soon which is on the 11 to 17 of Oct 2007 but we have sent in the petition on extending our holiday to 21 of Oct , it failed. So , as a step to increase my holiday to 2 days more i wrote a letter to Mr. Au our Student Affair Officer . And he said he will approve it if i give the letter to him. Hopefully he will approve and then i will be going to sabah to do my termination on my uni and have my holidays there.

Hope my wish will come true.