Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have realized that there are something in common between KL and Penang. Before i went to KL which was around half a year ago ,i didn't think much about the things which are similar with Penang and KL. After having 'city' sick , i really missed the paradise of Sabah and its memories . Penang is an island (u may think of nice beaches and nature ,but u are wrong !),development and reconstruction in some area sooner or later will become a concrete jungle like KL.

In KL ,of course there are more and more 'Chic' places to visit .The recently ,The Gardens in Mid Valley, Pavillion near KlCC . The more i see the development ,i realized that people in cities are more likely to be trapped in materialize world than rural area. As for me , I couldn't find a peace of mind when i can't see all the beautiful nature of the surrounding. Even more is that now i am studying from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening which restricts my life from anything beyond my books.

I remember some words we exchanged when i met my friend,W.Gie . He said that in Singapore the shopping malls are very nice but they look almost the same and nothing special about it . I told him that I have a close contact with the mother nature during some outdoor activities in the jungle and riverside. He replied that my life in Sabah is more fun than his . Now , no longer there and i am in his shoes now.

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