Saturday, August 11, 2007

Everything .....BUT

Stream flow like a river,
Difference is in its speed,
Humans vary in terms of skin colour,
BUT, Authorities determine who is the boss.

Apples fall off to the ground,
Proves earth has a force called gravity,
Fell off from motorbike doesn't prove anything,
BUT, Foolishness.

Hidden treasures are meant to be found,
Everybody loves to own the valuable treasures,
All of us love to dream,
BUT,are we getting what we want in our dreams?

Game over in computer games mean start from Level 1,
Enjoy process of failing and success before conquer the rest,
In reality,none of us want to start from scratch ,
BUT, For our future we have to say ' YES '.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Free Round Penang Island and mainland with Rapid

I have taken this booklet on the first day Rapid Penang hit the road. They gave out this booklet to everyone on the bus and also to the public at bus station. I was lucky to get this booklet on the first day to guide me through the journey to round the Penang state without transport fees.

11.09 a.m. 02.08.2007
I was waiting for the bus U401 to begin my journey . This bus is from Weld Quay bus hub to Balik Pulau bus hub . The bus was packed . This is the larger version of Rapid Penang with more intricate manoeuvre system.

Everyone was packing the bus and everyone including the senior citizens and the handicapped people have the chance to board the bus.

11.54 a.m. 02.08.2007
This is the new bus terminal for Balik Pulau. The journey was a bumpy ride because the road is being repair and expansion of the road is in progress.

As i walked passed , there is a school on my left.

12.30 p.m. 02.07.2007
Em.... Nice isn't it. This is the famous Laksa of Balik Pulau.Before this, i ate a bowl of Wanton noodles.I ate it before continue my journey .

This is the Laksa stall which i ordered from. The old Balik Pulau Market is going to be evicted to the new one next to the new bus terminal.

1.23 p.m. 02.07.2007
This the small bus T501 which brought us from Balik Pulau to Teluk Bahang . The journey took around half an hour.

We were stucked with another 2 Rapid buses (another bus is not in this picture)on the opposite direction .So our bus had to reverse .

Do u see the coastline at the far end?

2.07 p.m. 02.07.2007
This is the Teluk Bahang Dam. Annual event like the dragon boat race organized in this venue.

3.36p.m. 02.07.2007
I took the bus U101 from Teluk Bahang to Weld Quay . While sitting in the bus, I noticed the MPPP employees were busy labelling the Rapid signboard .

3.45 p.m. 02.07.2007
I have reached the Weld Quay bus terminal.The buses were systematically drop and pick the passengers.

All walks of life are trying out the free service given by Rapid Penang.

5.12 p.m. 02.07.2007
Reached Megamall bus terminal with sleepy eyes because i slept all the way from Weld Quay to Megamall which is on the mainland via Penang Bridge.

This is my the journey i have travelled ,round the Penang Island to Butterworth and came back home .

Thanks Rapid !