Friday, October 12, 2007

In Penang Finally

Although my Student Affair officer had released me earlier to do my termination process in Sabah but I failed to do so, instead i went back Penang straight.This is due to unforseen circumstances . I originally waited for the 7 p.m. flight to BKI but failed . And later i found out from a MAS staff saying that the following flight was full and there were still many passengers waiting for the empty seats to onboard. Therefore, i decided there and then that i wanted to fly back Penang instead of BKI . No flight until the next morning at 7a.m. I was quite disappointed because my initial plan was disturbed and i have no choice but to go back Penang .

I was quite curious why i was not ' awarded' the flight but my friend Timonthy was. I then i was explained by MAS staff of the reason.
Then, we both said goodbye in the departure terminal and i went to gate A6 and he went to gate A7 . Hai.....Just a mere thing makes a lot of difference. At least i learnt a lesson .

In the flight to Penang, I was given a window seat and i was the first person sitting next to the emergency exit. At first , I think this was not a nice place to sit because i need to learn how to evacuate (luckily not happened) but then i was quite happy because the airstewardess was sitting in front of me and i was able to stretch my legs to the furthest i can and not blocked by anything.
The flight was very empty on 30 of us in the departure hall and the most is around 40 of us in the flight. I was given another cup of milo by the airsteward but i refused then he persuaded me again .Finally i accepted . WAH, 3 cups of milo in a row. I was very full . The maximum cups of milo i drank in a short haul flight.

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