Thursday, March 13, 2008

DR Syndrome

It has been a while that i didn't make a single entry in my blog. I felt that my life now has becoming better in terms of quality , but i suffer from a 'distant relationship syndrome ' , this syndrome is waiting to strike any minute if the setting is right.

I come to realize this syndrome which hidden in my mind for quite sometime. Everytime i leave my family or my family leaves me , i will feel the emptiness and loneliness . The strange feeling of quietness and 'dead' air in my living room makes me confuse. When i was concentrating on something , the feeling was kicked aside. But when i looked at the living room again , the figureless hall makes my heart aches . The voice and laughter was gone .

Sometimes i feel like going into my blur state which i did before. I used this to cope with my intolerance with the quality state of living. Now it was totally different subject of comparison.

I would like to visit my parents whenever possible but of the time constraint I 'm afraid not. The 'distant relationship syndrome' catches me whenever i leave them .

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