Thursday, March 13, 2008

Frustration over Exam!!

Last week was our Module 10 exam on Air Legislation, we sat for our multiple choice exam at first then followed by the essay writing section exam.

This exam was different with the others because of its exam nature and the subject is more towards memorizing the law and regulation of aviation which i dislike. Not only that , the insignificant numbers seems not important but it paid your efforts off if you memorized . Nothing seems easy with this subject. On the other hand , this module brightens up my mind towards the law and regulations of the aviation world.

Sorry for that long introduction , after we finished our essay exam and wanted to call it a day. The chief examiner , ms Martini announced to us that our MCQ exam was scraped . To our surprised , she explained that someone in our class had gotten the answer sheet with answers . And someone copied it down before the exam starts . I was thinking about the last page of answer sheet in our examiner's hand before the start of the exam, my guess was right !-that piece of paper was the model answer sheet with the correct answers bolded in black.

Our hatred towards the irresponsible examiner and the chief examiner who gave the model answers sheet to a student . That was totally unprofessional and unethical to confess their 'blind' errors and we get the ultimate consequences of retaking the exam next week .

As an insider , the head of management had its name tarnished and everybody knows that including outsiders .Some of our lecturers left METC for good and landed in a well-paid institution eg: Transmile and Nilai College.Our training centre has becoming an empty nest for the lone who deserved to be alone.


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