Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eggs throwing

Since last week , a rollercoaster ride hasn't immobilize yet. But as what I have expected, it has not going any better. I wasn't very happy for the fact that I did such an irresponsible action which leads to the suffering of others. But no body will understand my action, at least listen to my explanation before any prejudgments take place.

After my birthday which fell on 18th of March , I let myself cool down on what I had reacted on the previous day. I still can't believe that they( classmates) are still planning to throw eggs at me as a continuation of yesterday's brutal action. I was planning to avoid their curse by changing my parking to the other side . By doing that I did not inform anyone except Bskrn. Therefore nobody other than him knows about that , I don't want the news to spread. As a result , I am not risking myself again for the eggs throwing.

I admit that I am being selfish but there is the only way to make such decision in a hurry manner, I don't have a choice. I don't like the fact that being 'played' by classmates . Although you may say that they are playing with you and no harm will be caused. That is incorrect from my point of view, the eggs throwing will make me discomfort and uneasy . Not only that, the undesirable stench and dirty stains on my clothes will drive me crazy. I was thinking of bearing the consequences which I don't like, just to fulfill everybody's 'dream' but do you know that I have suffered enough and always have to keep silent behind the curtain.

I tried to stand in the same shoes like my ex-car pool counterpart , I realized that if I was at his position I will definitely get mad and I don't blamed anyone of making him to take them home first instead of going back home. Like me , I became hysteria when I was running from them and kept on looking behind if anyone was chasing after me. I didn't take their phone calls because I am afraid they will locate my position and provide information to the eggs throwers to have the chance to throw.

I will hope everybody has an equal chance to be forgave , I will improve on my emotion management and hopefully won't cause any troubles to anyone. I sincerely admit my wrong undertaking .

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amphibian sp. said...

i think deep down u must feel that ur a victim on the whole egg-throwing thing. maybe if u look at it at another angle. understand that ur gonna be there for a couple of more years to come, u'll be facing the same group of friends there for admittedly a long time b4 u finish ur studies. u have 2 choices: either be with them or against them. the ways thing r now, i think ur choice is the latter. thats ok. u know ur likes n dislikes, whats ur 'crazy' limit n u show them that u r stern when it comes to nonsense. however, for option #1, yes, u get to feel like a jerk being fooled around by them. but if that's gonna make them feel that u can let down ur guard n be crazy once in a while, but still telling them that it's just that once for egg-throwing cos it was ur bday, wouldn't u wanna let them know that u'd cool enough to be around with, n that u can be part of them? yes, ur still putting urself up for an embarrassment but we need a laugh every now n then. i think their intentions r good, nothing malicious behind their actions. after all, like i said, its nonsense, who'd take it too seriously, right?

but if u have ur own opinion bout that n can't c it in another way, there's nothing wrong bout that. its ok if u'd like not to be around with them, ur actions would speak very loud n clear to them that u prefer to be on ur own company, in the future.