Friday, February 1, 2008

Review of 2007

After I went thorough all the thick and thin in 2007, I ended my 2007 with a splendid ending . At the beginning of 2007 , I still in Sabah studying my Food Science and Nutrition ,i celebrated my 21st birthday with unpleasant feeling ,climbed the Mount Kinabalu at the age of 21. Enjoying the mother nature in 'foreign' land and met lots of friends from all around Malaysia . I never been in this position before , whereby I gained a lot of knowledge,experience and in the mean time enjoying myself in Sabah. At middle of 2007, I got a fresh start for entering a new field . At the end of 2007 , I managed to treat myself with an oversea trip.

I still remember one routine which i always do , every week I will go to the School of Engineering and Computer Science (SKTM)'s lobby where there is a water dispenser to fill up an empty 5L water from it. Not because of in my hostel there is no water supply but it is due to the water in my hostel has chlorine smell. I don't like the smell ,so the solution is to carry the empty bottle from my hostel to university and bring back home with a filled bottle. I trained myself to walk for 10 minutes to the SKTM from library and vice versa . I used only one hand to carry the big bottle and changed to the other hand when i felt tired . Ipod has accompanied me through the journey wherever i went.
Now I no longer have to take water from school's water dispenser since i have quite Sabah and come here , i boiled my filtered water before i drink. My life has becoming easier and hassle-free . I felt very lucky to be where i am now compared to me in the beginning of 2007 in terms of quality of life.The quality life has here is much more better than in Sabah.

The hardship of getting internet connection in library and SKTM made my head spin , the authority of library and SKTM have changed the connection system to a complicated password locked system . Every students has to send their computer for checking and setting up password in their computer . After all has been done, I faced another problem which is the connection of internet is slow . The waiting time for a web page to load took about 5 minutes . I can wait no more so my friend , Jordan has found a special connection in SKTM using LAN . Therefore i went in one of the classrooms to surf the net , i can't believe the speed was extremely fast.Jordan had left his laptop over night to download his favorite anime and the next day his laptop was gone . I pitied him for the lost of his laptop . Later he bought a new one ,at least now he learnt a lesson not to leave his belonging unattended. Using my latest experience (after i went to Japan, i found out that the people there are very honest and kind-hearted , so even my friend left his wallet in his parked bicycle ,his wallet is still there even though he left there for half an hour. So different places have different level of mentality . Therefore self-awareness is very important to ensure your survival in Malaysia.

Soon ,we reached our final exam of 2007. I still remember in one of my exams which is TITAS ( history about the integration of malaysia society) we (my secondary school friends ) sat together and we discussed our exam objective questions by letting others look at our answer sheets. I felt the thrill and I have never encounter such an experience before. Finally , i managed to got a B+ for the subject. I have one paper which i had confident to score A but in the end i ended up with a A- . I wrote the thesis for the lecturer for the first time , he liked my essay very much and complimented me for writing such a good thesis. I felt very happy. Maybe because my exam ,i did badly so it effected my marks.
Later in 2007 , my exam system changed to be graded in such a way of PASSED or FAILED . I couldn't adapt at first but now i am used to it. And no more cheating in exam because now the examination rooms have surveillance cameras to monitor the exam .

At the beginning of the year after Chinese New Year ,my grandfather passed away .Even now i felt regret for not having to send him off for the last time , I blamed my maths exam of UMS (University Malaysia Sabah) . I thanked my grandfather for inspiration he gave to me . Even though , he lose the battle with the disease but the spirit of keep fighting is there .I obtained my lifetime achievements because of him : 1st in singing competition in Chap Goh Meh celebration and received this honorable scholarship from MAS .

I ended 2006 with... I couldn't think of anything interesting to mention. But one thing i still remember is my whole family and i went to Sydney ,Australia for a holiday . I have seen a lot of interesting places . And I admitted that the whole planning was a failure because I planned the whole journey from the start till the end with a tight schedule . We often argue in deciding where to do . I never felt the same way when i travelled alone to Osaka,Japan . The harmony of family togetherness is incomparable with you traveling alone or with friends . I always feel that traveling alone will be fun. But then it is fun for certain time and it is torturing then you are alone. A lot of responsible you have to bear , for instance passport and boarding pass have to keep safely at all times . This small things add up ,at the end you have to write down in To-Do-List. The ultimate goal is to train and guide us to become a more responsible and aware to the environment. Both of my trips have one thing in common , which is the feeling of presence exist when you are standing in front of a magnificent building or structure ,the feeling is one of its kind and hard to explain. The feeling is short lived because you can't live there for a lifetime , at least a camcorder would help to preserve the feeling .

In conclusion, from an undesired experience in a medical centre to the proudest moment of my life I take it with open arms . I think of the good and the bad experiences left me trained me to be a better person in the future. I hope that in 2008, i will learn in the easy way and not the hard way.

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