Saturday, December 22, 2007

First time 歩いて 旅行

I have already reached osaka this morning at 7 a.m. ,the customs was easier than i expected(they didn't asked anything let me go after the photo and biometric finger print) .I waited for nearly half hours near to 8 a.m. which is the time we agreed on. I also went to the international departure hall to film on my camcorder. Then i met shao thing on 11 a.m. at another train station (JR station ) because he forgot to wake up early. It is okay , i managed to get thru by asking the receptionists. I bought the ticket thru a vending machine ,the technology is so advanced. The trip of airport limousine costs 1800 yen=around RM 58 . Talkin about expenses, Shao Thing has paid for my lunch (beef rice with miso soup and ochya cost 400 en ) then he also paid for my bus fair by prepaid card . Luckily, he helped me carry the heavy green luggage and i carried the light luggage and bags.

All the way for easier understanding , the whole day it is raining even before the plane touched down. My luggages were drenched because the floor was wet.
After bath ,now i am writing this.

Hope it won't rain till nite.

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raptor_ravenlord said...

u sure blog fast huh....1st day arrived already posted an entry lol.....

neway, send me a msg in msn or sumting when u reach home ok :D n btw thanx 4 all the msian foodstuff u brought hehe

btw, can i add ur link to my blog? else very mahuan having 2 check ur blog separately