Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Money 'GAP'

On last Saturday , i went to another warehouse sales . This time is the FJ Benjamin warehouse sales at the Parkroyal Hotel which is near to the Low Yat Plaza. Actually ,i wanted to go there on Friday after my class but I have no confident on the flow of the traffic that will consume a lot of my time before i reach . Then again, the sales closed at 7 p.m. The words ' no pain no gain' is very suitable for my context today. Talking about the sales, as i expected there were plentiful of people lined up to wait for their turns. I discussed with my friend ,Timonthy that we will leave if the clock strikes 4.30 p.m. Lucky enough , we went in before the time set by us.

When i first stepped in, there are 'aunties' squatting down to search for the clothes,then the crowds were everywhere and not to mention :noise. I don't know where to start straight i went to the Guess bin (not much left). Then ,i went around to shop for some good bargain. I landed myself with a nice duffle bag and a bootcut jeans. It costs me RM 100 each.

Before going to the paying counter, I was going to find myself a nice sweater but the size was not right for me. I found one piece of jacket at the GAP kids section and it fitted nicely on my body. Surprised! I really need to grow but then the biological clock said 'STOP IT"! The frequency of usage which i thought deter me from buying the nice rugged brown jacket.

Hope where is no more sales if not i will spend the allowance given monthly till it dries off.

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