Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Japan Frenzy

Nothing change recently physically but the surrounding i lived has changed .

I was delighted when my father applied for me an air ticket using the annual travel benefit to Osaka ,Jp. I told my friends about that and somehow they are envy about my holiday plan. After getting through the thick and thin of the process of getting the Visa from the Japan Embassy in Stonor Road ,KL, I started to think of the difficulty in making the trip successful .

Just now after went to KLCC for some window shopping , I took the LRT to KL sentral . Not to my expectation, the person in charge in the KL transit counter told me that i can't enjoy the staff benefit of getting the discounted price. I was damn disappointed and went to the bus stop just a stone throw away from the KL sentral. Luckily , I aboarded the bus as soon as i reached the bus stop. I was managed to catch the 1740 bus from SZB to KLIA.

HAha , I never write a blog before in a bus . This is my first time. It will leave me with a memorable experience. You would ask what is that so memorable , I am going to tell you , I bet you will be difficult to think of it. My laptop is experiencing an earthquake strike condition because of the bumpy road . Hopefully , I can reach Penang before midnight.

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