Thursday, June 14, 2007

All about Heineken

I have never in my life drank a bottle of beer.I have drank a can of beer which is the Chang Beer .Thinking about Chang Beer , it is somehow drew my memories back to the past when my best friend ,Geh was still in Penang.He spared me one of his few cans of beer which he had taken from his home to the annual prefect New Year Celebration.We were at form 4 that moment.

By then ,I drank the can of beer forcefully because I wanted to proof that I have grown up. Sound kind of weird ,I know. Now ,I started to enjoy the real taste of beer. Tonight was the second gathering in 2007 of Jun Juong and my ex-schoolmates ,first we went to Max restaurant to have our dinner and then window shopping at Queensbay mall. After that,we search for a suitable place for us to have a little chat. Finally,we found Bailey’s Pub at Crystal Point . We went there and ordered a bottle of Heineken each . Till around 12.20 p.m. we left the place and went to Pelita Nasi Kandar which is opposite my house for a supper.

Talking about the beer, I have realized that the taste of the beer is different from taking a sip and drink it in a full glup . Then before I can further explain the enjoyment of the beer ,I have to be more experience to clarify further.

The Heineken beer is somehow different from the Carlsberg Beer .The major different is the after taste of the beer, Heineken has no after taste and less bitter compared to Carlsberg.

Glass bottles remain the most popular way of enjoying Heineken, with the distinctive green 33cl bottle taking centre stage in more than 180 countries across the globe.

Wherever you travel, you will find that this green bottle delivers the unique taste and flavour of Heineken – a beer that’s been brewed in Holland since 1873.

But whilst the country and climate may change, the taste and purity of our beer remains the same - the very highest quality, brewed to the most rigid standards and using only natural the taste and purity of our beer remains the same - the very highest quality, brewed to the most rigid standards and using only natural ingredients.

Packaging dimensions
330cl - height 225.5 x diameter 60.4 mm
250cl: height 197 x diameter 56.5mm

250cl - 166-203gr(depending on glass technology and returnable or one-way)
330cl: weight 233-247gr(depending on glass technology and returnable or one-way)


250cl and 330cl of Heineken quality beer

Key benefits
designed to be easy to hold and handle
green stands for freshness, nature and life.

it takes 8 weeks to produce a bottle of Heineken.

the star on the label is a traditional brewing symbol of quality, with origins dating back over 500 years.

the ‘e’ in Heineken is set at an angle to make it appear as if smiling.

Heineken A-Yeast, isolated in 1886, is still used today to give Heineken its distinctive taste.

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