Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A NIKE Experience

I am here not to promote anything but to leave a memorable experience in my life.I was working in a Nike shop in Queensbay Mall. I heard that there is a sales going on at the Prangin Mall outlet. The management of the Pallas Unlimited is going to close down the shop by end of the month(June 2007) . So after working for about 2 weeks at Queensbay Mall ,finally i have freedom to do whatever i want. I went to Prangin Mall on 11 of June in the morning. I saw one pair of my fav Nike shoes which is the NIke Free series. I really like them . Not only the Free range have nice outlook but also it is heavenly light as if you are wearing nothing.

I have tried some pairs when i was working in Queensbay Mall. I have aquired a lot knowledge .Among the different types of shoes ,I can manage to differentiate the range correctly.Before that, I know nothing about those Nike shoes because i never own one and couldn't bother to even know .

Talking back to the previous paragraph,i was tempted by the sales going on at the store .At night after a tiring day out with Alex and his friend, I persuaded my father to drive me there and pick up that shoes .

When we were at the shop on monday night ,the crowd was there even the school holidays are over. I tried a few pairs of shoes including Nike Air Max,Air 360,Air 180,Free,Nike + and many others. Actually i wanted to buy the Nike + shoes but the discount is 30 percent .Then later i went over to Basketball shoes ,the discount is 50 percent but i was given advice that these basketball shoes can't use for running and training activities ,therefore i didn't choose the range. After a whole shoes hunting experience ,I decided to buy that Nike Free Trail 5.0 shoes ,because there is the only Nike Free left on the display cabinet . I bought it for around RM 190 ,the original price is RM 330 . I enjoyed 40 percent discount on that pair of shoes.

I am like the George of the jungle starting to appreciate the 'urban' of shoes' technology.

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