Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fashion Disease

Nowadays many models in the real world protray pictures of ideal body figures. But as a person logically we will be thinking of having such body shapes with the curvatures and etc. Somehow we try to be one of them . Although some models may have an ideal body but other designers' clothing claded models are way to skinny . In the case of male models , skinny don't suit the context but with the right proportion of body and adequate amount of muscle ,therefore you have the potential of becoming one of the models. Surely , few criterias mentioned above are not enough to be a model.

Here is one article which i have read over on a website:

“Giorgio Armani, the world’s most famous designer, on Thursday blamed stylists and the media for the fashion industry’s obsession with ultra-thin women. In London to host a music and fashion extravaganza with stars Beyonce, 50 Cent and Bono, Armani said no girl needed to be anorexic in order to be fashionable.

“I have never wanted to use girls that are too skinny. I prefer girls that show off my clothes in the best way,” Armani told Reuters Television. “Unfortunately though, the stylists and also the media have interfered and they now want models that are incredibly thin.”

A debate about models’ weight has shaken the fashion world in recent days since Madrid banned excessively thin women from its catwalks after accusations their appearance may cause eating disorders in young women. Armani, whose client list spans Hollywood to high finance, is a bellwether for the industry and the most powerful fashion insider yet to speak out on the weight debate.

“No one thinks that for a girl to be fashionable she needs to be anorexic, that she must not eat. I will only take on healthy girls,” he said.

Armani made the comments on the red carpet of one of the most anticipated events of the fashion calendar and the hottest ticket of this week’s London Fashion Week.”

I was wondering, the accusation among stylists , designers and media have took place.Although there is no evident regulations stated that skinny girls can't enter this industry , I think anorexic figures doesn't look cool and it is not the way it works.

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