Sunday, April 27, 2008

L'Oreal Great Deals 26 April 08

Recently , there are lots of warehouse sales going on. Name a few ,such as Fila warehouse sales , LOreal warehouse sales ,metrojaya warehouse sales and many more small sales which didn't catch my attention.One thing all of such warehouse sales has is the crowded environment . You can imagine what will happen when the place is crowded.

Lets talk about yesterday's event, I went to Parkroyal Hotel from the L'oreal Warehouse sales at around 9.20 a.m(Operating hours is from 10 am to 8.30 p.m.). To my surprise , I saw a lot of ladies there but there were some mens . I don't mind queing up with all the ladies because we all were also buying the products to pamper ourselves which we deserve,there is nothing wrong with that.I still remember when i was at the same location where the ballroom had its GAP and Esprit warehouse sales. I nearly stand till the end of the entrance but after 5 minutes the lines were more terrible .Luckily , I was early but i regret not to come earlier. But never mind , I was not bad in this position of the lines.

Suddenly , the security guard shouted us to stand at the left hand side of the lines where the centre lines were the initial .Everybody was jottling to get to the lines faster . I was among the few first to get there because i ran. Until the clock strock 9.45 am , the guards called the crowd to form another few lines on the right hand side of the centre lines . The crowd which was on the left hand side moved swiftly to the right ,pushed the people on the centre lines to the right . After the announcement made by the guards ,some of them were not satisfied because they knew that the right lanes will be going in later after the centre lines first . The ladies and aunties were shouted here and there and the nice show just begin..
'Those who jump the queue know who they are , you should be embarrased about your attitude '
' We have been here for the past 1 hour and there guys were trying to .....'
' I thought this place is for well-mannered people but still those people who are uneducated also here ...'
Bla Bla Bla

Beautiful chicks were around the crowd, most of them were scantily dressed ,Oh come on girls, leave those outfits at home . We were here to grab things not fashion show. After around 10.10 a.m. I was into the ballroom , the room was smaller than the GAP sales . I grabed some perfumes for my aunties ,R.Lauren Ralph Rocks gift set and Miracle So magic.For me , I bought Biotherm Homme range products. Some Lancome makeup items for my sister and others .

The Shu Uemura counter was crowded until the person-in-charge shouted to them to stop pushing the tables. Few times they stopped selling the products because of the mess.
In the perfume and cologne sections , most of the famous brands such as Armani Code had finished .

I went to pay my items then 'chao' .
As i went out of the crowd,leaving crazy aunties and ladies behind ,the lines were more organised and they put the crowds into sections by sections. But everyone was looking at me and some people who had just came out. You won't believe it. The lines were up until Lot 10 from the parkroyal hotel.The people were crazy including me la. HaHa.

All in all quite a rewarding experience .

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