Sunday, May 25, 2008

Runway pushing cart

Yesterday was a memorable day for me as I have never 'play' on the runway before in my whole.Actually the whole picture is not about playing but i imagined it as playing.

The day started with a bit glommy for me as i was very exhasted from the friday's workout session.We started our work around 9 am , we were informed to moved the 'exhibits' on the display shelfs to the composite workshop which is at the back of the building.

With the help of the movable wheeled platform with a vertical stand to hold the engine , we placed all the exhibits on the platform . And some of them and I stepped on the platform to be pushed by others to the composite workshop to store the exhibits. We used the runway as our journey to the destination.The fun of riding the platform was very exhilarating.

After reaching the entrance of workshop ,we encountered one problem . The vertical stand was way to high to enter the place . Therefore, the instructer removed the wheels to enable it to enter.
This let me think of the Brands advertistment on 8tv.

Finally , i spotted one of the Transmile aircraft on the runway . And took the first picture with it.

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