Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cooking Journal

These photos are my collection of cooking in the past few months. I like to cook especially when you have found out a way to cook it which you are unexpected of finding one.
From rice to pasta and some of my experimental cooking turned out to be a surprised!
For example : I have tried to cook prawns before but i am so bored about the way it is cooked ,therefore I used 2 piece of dark chocolate into my cooking . I tried to eat it with rice but it doesn't fit .Ultimately,I tried using it as a desert . It turned out to be a masterpiece. The bitter of chocolate and sweetness of the prawns made the perfect combination. With the melted chocolate eaten with the prawns , the taste is like you are eating chocolate fondue .

Here are some discoveries which I wanted to share : I found it to be quite troublesome for me to cook the fish block with a pot . But after I used the aluminum foil to grill the fish , it got easier and more convenient for me .Plus, there will be an effect of burned on the surface of the block . When you use the pot to grill the fish ,sometimes it will stick to it when it turns brownish.

Another discovery is I used the cooking wine in all dishes at first but the taste on vegetable makes me sick.Later ,I found out that using cooking wine in chicken ,pork and even eggs will bring out the tastiness of the food. At first it sounds funny that , eggs will taste better on cooking wine . Later ,I assumed that maybe everything with protein will make a perfect match with it.


raptor_ravenlord said...

u'r kidding right? chocolate prawns???

WL said...

ya,no joke.

Ewin said...

wah siao. so many.
doesnt look appetizing.lolz