Saturday, June 28, 2008

Balik Pulau

Not long ago in my memory , no no not not long ago . It should be 1 year ago ,i went to Balik Pulau for the free trial bus service provided by Rapid Penang . I still remember i took the bus from my house to Balik Pulau ,it took more than an hour with all the dropping and taking passengers.

Speaking about Balik Pulau , the place offers the best selection of durian and also not to mention the famous Assam Laksa which located at the old market . Surprisingly I heard my friend told me that the Assam Laksa stall which is besides the market voted for the best Laksa on of the chinese daily. I tried both long time ago and i concluded that the old market Laksa is the best .

This trip to Balik Pulau is a most memorable one in my entire life .With all the laughter and craziness we communicated with each other, made the atmosphere merry .

The first stop , we went to my friend village which is located at Kampung Sungai Pinang. One thing which captured my attention before reaching her house is a half round bridge which connects the two separated ground . When you are nearly at the top of the bridge ,you will never see what is on the opposite side . I have never seen this before.

After reaching her house , the warm welcome and great hospitality really touched me. They are indeed very friendly and nice to talk to. Not only that, they welcomed me like i am their family members. I was treated with a big ,sumptuous 'Bak Chang' made by her mother. Maybe i was hungry at that time, I felt that that 'Bak Chang''s taste made me ask for more. But as a guest , i remained silent because this is part o f our manners .

Then came one of her cousin sister with a nice small brownish dog . I felt like to cuddle the dog but i am allergy with animal fur.That's why i didn't cuddle it. One of my friends , put some ointment on her legs and the dog was not realized until it licked the ointment . Then , the dog expression was very funny ,it kept licking its legs . That's enough to make us laugh .

Soon after that, we were on our journey to hunt down the RM 1 assam laksa ,but before that I requested to buy the famous Balik Pulau 'pau' .Last time , the man used to sell the 'pau' using a tricycle but now due to modernization his obsolete vehicle replaced by a mini van .Luckily at the bend of a junction, the van is just at the opposite of the road .In a split second , we acted swiftly and rushed there as if we were on a quest to hunt down the best 'pau' in town. We, these crazy fellows ran to the van and ordered for the famous vegetable 'pau' . Few minutes later ,many passerby came to the crowd.As i was told by my friend , the 'pau' will be finished by the time the van ended its journey at Balik Pulau from Gertak Sanggul. The Wow factor made me amazed by the power of 'pau'.

Here comes the RM 1 assam laksa, i forgot the location of the stall but it was at a junction in the kampong area. The funny part of the D.I.Y assam laksa was ,the stall owner didn't provide us the chopper board to have our cucumber and onion cut. Thats not all i never seen before the way of cutting the cucumber , cut it vertically first when you hold the cucumber vertically then cut it horizontally but the position of the cucumber remains the same. The more bowl of assam laksa i ate ,the more i felt the tastiness of the soup. I have never eaten D.I.Y assam laksa before,not including those at the buffet.

The great hospitality and serenity of the surrounding made me wanted to have more of the place . It is a place where you cannot get in a hustle and bustle surrounding like Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to you know who you are by providing me a great experience in Balik Pulau. Next time , i wanted to try your orchard's durian ,please reserve some for me! HaHa .....

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