Tuesday, August 26, 2008


In these recent years , friends have helped me but some friends are not as helpful as i have expected . I was catched out of sudden being 'scolded' by an enemy -to-be friend. But then , back to basic he is such an errogant , big talker , loud talker as in volume etc. I can't see anything in him that worth my apology (he doesn't worth a cent for me) ,i would felt sorry for him if I am his family members .

Recently from the previous eggs throwing event which happened at the begining of the year involved this enemy-to-be friend,I learnt my lesson well and I forgot to apply the lesson after that .That was my major disappointment ,even though I forgave him earlier but the sword sharp words are like the daggers in the sky storming towards me . Out of sudden , he will raised his voice and started talking something nasty in front of me. As I was (not am) able to talk to him about some particular things in common . But not anymore , his poison ivy like 'speech' have a place in everybody's ears except me .

I was kind enough to involve him in this recent Men's Health Run 08 at Lake Garden ,KL. By taking the T-shirt for him, even though he betrayed us . He told us that he will be joining us to get the T-Shirt . At the very last minute , he used a very lame excuse that he need to accompany his girlfriend to buy shoes . He originally told us that he was joining us but suddenly he quited . How he treated his friends ?!?! Not only that , with my own pairs of ears around , enemy-to-be friend told T that he agreed with his girlfriend first before agreed with us. But the truth is the other way round. He is such an insincere and manipulative person.

Well enough of that small betrayal, on last sunday which was the Men's Health Run I told him to meet at 6 a.m. and i will pass the T-shirt for him . But around 6.10 am I still couldn't see him and phone was not answered . There are two possibility , first,he is not going , second, he can't wake up . As a courtesy , I made myself up to his floor and placed the bag which consisted of T-Shirt, runner's number, redeemable coupons on top of a box between wooden door and metal door. I was not sure at the moment he was coming or not because he was not answering the phone.

But around 6.20am he finally called back and i informed him about the bag which i left on top of a box between metal door and the wooden door .He need to walk back his house again . For this I need to clarify that I have took my effort by sending the bag to him and helped him in collecting his bag from the redemption counter in KL .

As a result , we left him behind and took the 6.30am bus from my place to Lake Garden in KL. Luckily , we left him because if we still wait for him then we won't be able to start the run on time . As we arrived , the event was about to start.

On the following day , as i entered his car .He raised his voice by pinalizing me on the matter of not sms-ing him that the bag is on top of the box.He said the bag I placed on top of the box he can't see it , instead he told me to put it on the floor .In my opinion, I put the bag on top of the box is to make the identification easier as it was almost at eye level. By right , I have made my favour to him by collecting and sending the bag and he should call me to confirm the situation as the plan might changed because of his late arrival (it may sound a bit harsh but his phone left unanswered after we called) . I can't take the bag with me as i promised earlier because the bag was a burden to me as i have to carry the bag when i runned. I will carry the bag if he meet me on 6am at our guard house and my job was done.

His ungratefulness and mistreat have made my confidence and trust in him 'diminished'. Even he have thanked me earlier for taking the bag which consisted of T-Shirt, runner's number, redeemable coupons but his verbal action has failed himself badly by protraying himself as a Mr. Nice guy.


Leo said...

u know.....God is watching everything.....n he'll realize this someday
so dont bother him at all!
he's a crazy nut! that's all....

WL said...

Thanks . But now i am getting over with this. Just leave the 'extra baggage' behind ,to let the sun shines on me .