Sunday, August 10, 2008

Food Indulgence Yummy!

It has been ages that i could remember of eating shark fin soup .I am one of the fans of shark fin soup , albeit it is one of the 'forbidden cuisine' ,yet this is part of our culture of eating it.

When I was small after each wedding dinner was held , my aunty will surely bring me some of the excess (not left-over) shark fin soup for me. Soon, I crave for the food. Everytime ,i go back Taiping i will remind my aunty to bring me some. But sometimes ,i will leave Taiping without the shark fin soup .The reason being ,i was in a hurry or there is no wedding dinner there.

The exception had happened yesterday,my aunty brought me shark fin soup in the tiffin carrier to my grandmother's house.She specially cooked for me, i was touched by her action. After i accompanied my mother to the market for some light food which is Jawa Mee .

Finally , I reached home with a surprise waiting for me . I ate 2 bowls of shark fin soup but amazingly inside the soup there were lots of real crab meat .Finally i finished it . On the second bowl , i couldn't finish the meat because it was a lot .

Pss.. Actually i hav mercy on crab but with the soup ,sorry.....

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