Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Recalculate,recalculate…. Turn right at 100m.OMG, I had made the wrong turning by not taking Jln Duta. With the wow factor in this device , my panic faded away with just a breeze .

Till now you will know what I am talking about , it is the amazing GPS navigation device . I was totally caught the attention of GPS navigation device. It utilizes the on-time tracking system to navigate you around to reach your preset destination. With the revolutionary invention which existed few years ago in other countries, Malaysian just started to pick up the gadget . Plus, the gadget can let you set for the preference such as shortest distance, fastest time of arrival, toll avoidance, U-turn avoidance….

I tried this gadget for the first time when I was in my friend’s car to Wangsa Maju for supper . But ,the gadget managed to get us there by guiding us through some turnings and traffic lights. Pretty accurate.

After that , I went home but I missed the turning .I considered myself as stupid because I still can’t follow the GPS even though it is much more easier than the conventional look and drive style on my map manual. But then , the GPS really will alert us about any road blocks and incidents happened in front of the road traveled. The accuracy of the estimated arrival time which is a plus point for the system. The whole journey which I took from Duta bus station to Kelana Jaya was 25 km (0.5 hr) .

Technology really brings convenient for us as a driver to navigate around the cities with the vehicles traveling at 80 -100 km/h . As always , if you miss a turning , you will need to pay for the consequences like paying toll , taking big U-turn, detouring . It really eats up our patience .


timmy (0.0) said...
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timmy (0.0) said...

Hahaha.... It is just a wrong turn. No need to be panic. I think you scream in the car when u panic....hehe