Monday, May 18, 2009

Middle Eastern Cuisine- Al Rawsha Restaurant

I was delighted to have my first middle eastern cuisine in my life. Usually ,I will be thinking middle eastern cuisine is not my cup of tea until I have tried it .

From the menu of the Al-Rawsha Restaurant along Jln Seraya ,Ampang, I don’t know what to order but from the menu middle eastern food has some similarities with the local mamak food.

After my uncle had ordered , we were waiting for the food to arrive . While waiting , I noticed that the surrounding has a very decent and simple decoration. As we were sitting outside of the building sheltered under a canopy while the rain was pouring , we felt the breeze was adequate to keep us cool.
After the first dishes had arrived , it was the mixed grill meats (chicken , beef , mutton) served with Branni rice. I have to mention about the rice , the size of the grain is long and thin . When I first sink my teeth into the rice , it was soft enough to be called rice and fluffy.

Can u see the rice grain?

Next is the mixed grill sausages + meat balls , the meat balls were attached to each other , typically the round meat balls are separated individually , not attached to each other . But these meatballs were attached to each other ,in other way it is :plucked it and eat it . Don’t look at the dish of meat balls and say that it is too little for my stomach , in fact it is very filling !

The following dish comes with a soft bread underneath the grilled chicken . The bread was different with the mamak type of roti canai . The bread is minus the oiliness but additional crispiness .

The pastries corner , the tray on the bottom looks like ‘wantan’ don’t you think?

All in all, I felt very satisfied with the middle eastern food . One thing to mention , if you are on veg diet , there are limited food to choose from. Below is on of the veg we ordered.


~*Feeling*~ said... must be enjoying the food of heaven ^^

WL said...

No la , next time i will bring u there . Thx for dropping by. n_n

Huang said...

bring Colleen only lar?How About me? Left in Kampar and feed mosquitoes ? Yo~ So Bad

WL said...

if u come i will take u there.