Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First time to Europe! (Part 1)

This is not the first time I travelled alone to a foreign land , the last time I visited a foreign land was the end of 2007 .
Actually it all started when I knew about the holiday in May 2009. That’s where I started my plan for my holiday . Before I plan , I decided to visit Japan once more but due to tight schedule of my friends , so I made my plan to UK.

Victor was very kind enough to accommodate me throughout the whole journey of my tour in UK . I had visited most part of south western England , including Oxford , Brighton, Guildford, Bath, Salisbury , Winsor and last but not least London.
My first impression of UK is a place of historical and full of fascinating sights including nature . There are vast differences including language and people if you compared it with Japan. Japan has lots of metropolitan cities with vibrant lifestyle . Whereas , England is a serene place with a mixed of nature and history . I felt a sense of security when I saw English words around but not in Japan. The direction of signs are written in English .

Oxford is on my first day ‘s travel list . I was delighted to be told earlier that Oxford is a place where Harry Potter movie was shot . The bodleian library and the dining hall in one of the colleges . The place has still preserved with its authenticity and the surrounding area of the colleges was surrounded by parks and streams. I was mesmerized by the intricate designs etched into the colored glass inside the cathedral. But Victor told me that I will be seeing more cathedral in my trip. It was such an English way of life , while sitting on the grass under a tree ,eating my lunch from Boots and looking at the happenings around the river .

The next day was the most hectic of all , we jointed a local tour agency called premium tours . The day trip brought us to Winsor Castle , Stonehedge and Bath . I was stunned by the exterior of the Winsor Castle , it looks magnificent . And one of the items I wanted to highlight was the Queen Mary ‘s doll house . I noticed the servants’ room was just as nice as the peasant room in the past . Every detail was made in a doll scale with high perfection in the workmanship .

Stonehedge was a place near to Salisbury and the placement of the stones were few metres away from the road . While standing in the field next to stonehedge , the horizon is endless with agriculture land . The formation of the stone was somehow unique to me . Every angle you looked into the formation , you will notice the differences. I still remember I asked one of the Japanese tourists to take a picture . And they were surprised and asked are we Japanese . ……Are we looked like Japanese? Haha ..

The last trip of the day was to the Bath which is a few miles away from Wales and Bristol. The roman bath was the center of attraction , for our tour we were given a guided tour by ‘Roman Soldier’ . He has a sense of humour in the way he speaks. We were late to meet up the group in front of the Roman Bath because I was looking at the souvenirs . We ran the whole way from a toilet inside a departmental store to meet up with the group. The small city has its beauty on the architecture and also the Roman culture.

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