Friday, August 7, 2009

Chikugunya Attack!

This is not the first time that I admitted into hospital but everytime when I admitted I felt that I leave my routine life behind which is good . But on the other hand, the unpleasant thought keep on lingering in my mind.
Nevertheless , I felt neither I am on a holiday nor working.

It's all started when I was about to finish my exam on Friday . By the exam ended, it was 9 am . But we felt something wasn't right on the test paper we sat . It was ridiculously difficult , those are not taught by our instructor . An annoncement was made saying that our exam is invalid. Therefore we need to resit for exam in a later time , which is 12pm . FYI on friday , all muslim ought to pray in the mosque. After finished the exam , they were late for Friday prayer.

I felt my body had rang it's siren . Therefore I ate a tablet of panadol .After the afternoon nap,I felt my body feeling much better but my eyes become swollen . I imagined the worst is yet to come , if this is the reaction of my body taking panadol, that means my body started to sensitive towards the medicine. I hope that this is not true ,to get a clearer picture I went to our medical centre and I was adviced if the symptom persisted , then I have to visit the medical centre .

On saturday morning, I developed again the swollen eyes ,I have no avail solution to my problem . Therefore , I was certain that if i didn't take panadol to bring my temperature down , I will not recover. But if I ate Panadol,then I will developed swollen eyes. After skipping my saturday activity.I quickly packed my bags and take a shuttle to the air terminal before boarding flight home .

At the terminal , I felt my body shivering under normal air conditioning and my mind was hard to comprehend anything . I was still hungry while waiting at the departure terminal. I sat down on a bench and started to 'enjoy' my white bread. With cigarette smells near where i sat, I felt tortured by the chocking smoke . Without much energy to find a new bench , I soon find myself in the same bench -smoking second hand smoke. Nothing is more torturing for me to walk around the huge airport with temperature on my head . I felt the world is spinning and I was helplessly waited for my flight. How I wish I can sit on a wheelchair to be pushed around . But I didn't request for it.

As soon as the flight touched down , I , seated next to the aisle (9D) stormed out of the flight and walked as fast as I could to get to the hospital. I saw my face reflected on a duty free window , my eyes turned red and my tears kept flowing down . As soon as I get into the car , I couldn't really get up from the car after I arrived in the hospital. At the sub-conscious state , I was really weak to even stand properly and walk. A wheel chair is sent to transport me to the emergency area. I kept shivering in cold and my whole body was aching . The feeling is like torturing your body until it hurts your soul. I never had this experience before.I didn't even have the mood or not to bother to look at anything , just I felt that I was pushed into the ward . I couldn't be bother to know whats happening around me . Besides the agony in my whole body, I felt that a sense of relief because I was no longer have to fight my fever alone.

After the next day, the blood test result has came out. I was screened for dengue and chikugunya fever . Unfortunately , I was downed with Chikugunya virus . I remember that Friday morning when I was at the school having my exam and I had a fever . That means I downed with the virus since then. Finally ,I fully recovered later in the week.

I was given a nebulizer to help me with my flu to cough out phlegm.

Magazines and games accompanied me through my stay!


Anonymous said...

Congrats for ur recovery. take care when u r away from home. eat healthy, exercise, less meat, more vege. u will becm healthier n ur antibody will be stronger n hv more energy to fight with the virus. ^^ hv a nice day

Baskaran said...

hi WL, happy that u finally recovered....hoping to see u again in metc.

WL said...

Thanks everyone for the precious advice and reply .