Monday, August 10, 2009

Italian Pizza minus Cheese

I brought an oven to my rented house in Subang, therefore I have been thinking of making something out of the oven . Even though I have no experience of using one, I am sure that the recipe I found will guide me through the whole cooking process. If i have succeeded in making my own dish then I think it would be waste of money to spend money in buying those food.

I have tried before using a small toaster oven to make oatmeal cake , but I think the control and also the setting of the oven are more comprehensive and manageable.The small toaster oven don't have the temperature setting that make it even more difficult to bake something.

I found myself in the mood of making a pizza dough . I bought the flour and rising powder. Follows are the ingredient:

The ingredients for pizza dough:
0.5 kg of flour
2 tablespoon of rising powder
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar
1/3 cup of water

Pour the rising powder , warm water, salt and sugar into a bowl and mix it .
Wait until the solution has bubbles on it , then pour the flour into the solution.
Mix well until the dough is formed ,and use hands to mix it until it is not so sticky .
Leave it aside and let the flour and rising powder rise .
After 45 minutes , press the dough to become flat . Place it on a shallow baking plate.

* Remember to drizzle some olive oil onto the baking plate before placing dough for baking.This is to avoid the pizza base from sticking .

Set the timer to 20 minutes , and temperature to 250 degree Celsius.

In the meantime , let prepare the ingredients for pizza toppings:
half bulb of capsicum (any colour)
3 cloves of garlic
3 tablespoon of tomato pasta sauce
a dash of oregano powder
a dash of paprika powder
a pinch of salt
150g of fresh chicken breast meat

Cut the capsicum into smaller pieces and dice the garlic.
Cut the meat into chuck size and marinate with tomato pasta sauce , salt and oregano powder.
After the base is set, spread the meat with tomato pasta sauce on top of the pizza base .
Set the timer for 10 minutes with temperature 250 degree Celsius .

After it is done, spread capsicum , garlic, paprika powder on top of the chicken chucks.
Set the timer again for another 10 minutes with temperature 250 degree Celsius .

*To add cheese , please make sure that the ingredients of the topping is dry to avoid sogginess after the covering with cheese. Mozzarella or Parmesan cheese would be perfect.

The chicken pizza is ready to be served!


~*Feeling*~ said...

why so bad...when i back le only baked pizza *sob*

Anonymous said...

Look so nice. Taste sure nice right? Hungry ald

WL said...

I made it in kl not in Penang. The taste is a bit under , I need to improve it .