Thursday, September 3, 2009

Valuables Looted from car

There are lots of criminals cases involving car break-in, I read and heard from news and also emails. But that day was a really unlucky for me to be one of the victims.
That day was Wednesday , 26th of August , I, with other 3 schoolmates were on our way to have our dinner when the mishap happened. We were not sure whether the thieves were observing us for sometime before the day it happened or they just acted spontaneously .
I parked my car near to the Ramadhan bazaar at a parking lot in front of a row of shoplots . 2 of my friends placed their bags into the car boot after they came down from the car .
(That was a crucial point where I think the thieves saw it)

After half an hour , we were backed into my car and I drove back home. I didn’t realize a thing until I opened the boot and they noticed the bags were missing . I asked them whether they put their bags at the passengers’ seat (That moment I didn’t know the final location of the their bags ) . The feeling was like thunder has striked my mind. My hands were trembling and heart was racing . I was stunt by the reality which happened just now. I still can’t believe my eyes of what I was seeing . We watched at each other with an empty look.

After that , we decided to go to the place of incident and do some investigation work. My friend drove his car and we reached the place after buka puasa time. We frantically searched the place around and looked at everyone who passed by us. We were showered with rain while everyone was trying to get out of the place as quick as possible . Everyone looked suspicious to us . I walked into the back lane of rows of shops and looking into the drain for anything resembled the bags which belongs to my friends. At the end ,I found nothing.

One of my friends, who noticed two dark skin colour guys who were holding the bags which resembled theirs on the shoulder but he was not sure the look of the suspects. I was unsure about this because I was walking to my car using an umbrella but they walked under the roof along the corridor of the shops.

They (my friends) asked the shop person who talked to the suspects but the shopkeeper didn’t want to reply anything related to the incident . A few shops away , the shop assistants also notice the suspects .

(We made the mistake for not calling the police if we called after realizing the thief maybe they will be caught )

Next time remember to bring down any of your belonging from your car before left car unattended.

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Baskaran said... least ur things not stolen ryte....:P