Wednesday, March 24, 2010

!My 2010 Birthday!

This year ,my birthday was celebrated the way i wanted, the reason simply is because I really love to have a cake on my birthday. Sounds easy. But not every year I can celebrate with a cake in front of me.

I don't quite remember when is the last time I have a perfect round cake on my birthday .But I still remember my friends when I was in Sabah , they gave me a slice of cake on my birthday and the cake was hardly can put candles on it. > <

Since then I don't have a cake on my birthday anymore,but I finally got one . About the celebration , I still remember the time when my best friend from UK visited me in KL , we headed to Baskin Robbins in Pavillion KL , I had a nice ice cream fondue with my name on it .Hahaha…That year was in 2008.

This year on my birthday I woke up early in the morning then drove to McD in Damansara for my free breakfast . My classmate gave me the voucher on free Sausage Egg muffin then I redeemed it . Soon after I ate my filling breakfast , there goes my day in my training school.

During breakfast break, I was given a surprised birthday fruits cake from my best friend ,Baskaran . He prepared all the surprises with my classmates . I was so touched when I realized that there is a cake for me on my birthday !
Thank you , Baskaran! ;)

My Birthday Cake

Mimi with my Birthday Cake, Thanks!

Surprise's lOOk

After blowing candles,

Baskaran,Hafiz and I.

Icing on my face , so ugly .....

No matter what in this world , good friends are there for you ready to go through your ups and down. My 2010 birthday was a good and memorable one .

This photo was sent to me by an ex-room mate when i was in Sabah !
Thanks ,JM.Hope u can win in the FB voting event!
The photo is full of unforgettable memories...

Thanks everyone who contributed his/her effort !


Anonymous said...

Happy 24th BestDay,WeiLiang! All the best to you !!!

WL said...

Enjoy your study life ! ;)

Baskaran said...

hope this bday surprise will be etched in ur memory forever;)