Saturday, May 15, 2010

After so many years....

Clockwise from 12 ;Chuan Wei, Shao Thing,Me,Victor Geh, Swee En.

Chuan Wei
Shao Thing
I,Wei Liang
Swee En

Yesterday was kind of surprise for me as I was about to leave my school for the day , I received a message from my secondary school friend + prefect mate + ex-classmate ,Swee En.He came all the way from Malacca to spend his weekend here with me . He is now busy with his clinical after few years of studying in Malacca Manipal, India.

I was in a tight schedule when he messaged me a text but somehow I was manage to spend sometime with him . Yesterday was a tiring day for me , as I have committed myself in Yoga class so I need to practice it but at the same time I will miss my gym routine . After a relaxing and stretchous session of yoga , I began my gym routine . That's a tiring but satisfied day I had.

After we met,we went to the famous Kei Tuck Sek shop in SS2 for our late night craving . But not quite actually , it was my supper but his dinner .
We talked almost about everything , and I notice that he is still a same person whom i met since secondary school.

I still remember when I was in my university year , he called me once and that was the second last time we talked .Until recently , I was surprised to heard that he came back Malaysia for his final few year to complete the whole course . Then I managed to talk to him through phone but not face to face .

Until yesterday , after so many many years .....
Welcome back , friend!

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