Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hopped on to a new lifestyle

Breakfast- Grilled chicken garden salad

Lunch- Stir fried vegetable

Lunch- Fried noodles

Lunch- Fried chicken with lemon juice

I used to cook for my dinner after coming back from school , now i started cooking for my lunch and breakfast . I don't really enjoy cooking for 3 meals at once but due to the insufficient of food choices in vicinity of my work place .
Sometimes i would think that there is a chinese restaurant or chinese stall which is within walking distance that would be nice .I am in a company where non muslims constitute a small fraction in the total workforce, therefore the idea can't be fulfilled.

Not only that , here comes my complains ....During lunchtime I used to walk to MHub . Mhub which a small restaurant dedicated to the staffs working in MAS Subang. There are lots of choices for us to choose (Malay ,Chinese, Indian cuisine)from but the chinese food served is of course Halal which is Kosher in English . One thing which need to be highlighted is the MSG content in food is terribly high , until i drink almost 1 bottle of my 1 L of water with an hour after eating because of thirst .

I think back the recent uproar of the increase in sugar price , I recommend the government to include the MSG into the list of price increase since the government would think that increase the price of sugar will make the rakyat(people) consume less. This would apply to MSG as well. Moreover , consume lots of MSG will detrimental our health such as obesity .

There are other food stalls within walking distance , but mostly need to walk for a further distance to get there , So , I still prefer to go to the nearest with my home cook food.

I am left with little or no choice but to bring my home cooked food to school for my breakfast and lunch .


Anonymous said...

Good idea,agreed with you and that provide you are in the mood ,time and hardwork to fulfill your task.Overall home cook is the BEST!

Anonymous said...

Looks healthy food daily.
Maintain your life style

WL said...

Thanks for your comment ! Are u the same person who posted 2 comments ?

ALexZ said...

i don't think it's the same...but anyway~~~ really admire you be able to cook nice and healthy food!! you will have longer life span.. haha

NotAlone said...

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Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog post.