Thursday, March 19, 2009

18th March 09

Half past 12 a.m. on the early morning of 18th March 2009 , I was playing the borrowed iPod touch . And I missed to wish me Happy Birthday even though I reminded myself to wish myself when the clock strikes 12 . Anyway , I received my second sms on my birthday wishing me then only I realized that I forgot to wish myself . Haha to immerse in the nice and cute Rolando game .

Huh !!! Got into bed at around 1.30 a.m. And woke up around 8.30a.m , I received my first foreign sms on my birthday from UK . I was very happy upon receiving my his sms . But my the other friend maybe too busy with his vacation Down Under and forgot to wish me . Anyway I understand that .While I was replying his sms, I looked outside it was raining . So nice to fall back into the bed again And I did. Woke up again at 9.30 a.m. I was reminded by my family that there was somebody will knock on the door before you go to school. I was confused whether need to wait at home or go outside for a shopping spree on my birthday . A flash of ideas streaming into my mind and then I realized that I wanted to go to IKEA for some shopping . Then around 10.00 a.m. after keep on asking my sister who will be knocking on my door , she replied that I need to be in the house around 12 p.m. then you will be able to meet him . I was curious about the mystery man will appear at my door, kept on asking but she refused to answer.

Then around 10.30a.m. I received a call from Alex that the ‘mystery man ‘ will appear around 11.30 a.m. But at that moment , I was driving my way to IKEA and all of the sudden ,Alex called . I was confused and felt sorry about the postponement I made to him . The idea of me going to IKEA was to treat myself with a nice breakfast and then shop for something I like .

10.45 a.m. With the limited selection I have on certain food served at the IKEA food court I was done with the practical fried bee hoon and also a piece of chocolate muffin. The price of the bee hoon only costs RM1 and the muffin was more expensive than the bee hoon . All together RM 2.62 with taxes. Anyway while sitting on the table next to the window , the enjoyment to savour the food was very relaxing . With the morning after the rain , it was like the morning has just awakened. Looking at my watch , it was 15 minutes past 11 a.m. I finished my breakfast and then I went to the offer bin corner which is next to the escalator to pick up a mirror which initially cost RM 19 ,now it is RM 5. And went to the marketplace and picked up a replacement plant for my dad and I . A beautiful ‘ginseng’ bonsai with a shaped like a human and the top has few branches and leaves.

Aiya , luckily saved the flowers !

Reached home around 12 p.m. but without the ‘mystery man ‘ in sight . And decided to call my sister for confirmation , but didn’t . I read today’s newspaper and suddenly I heard the door was knocked . And Surprised ! a delivery man with a bouquet of flowers in his hands .The bouquet is full with pink and red colored roses and not to mention my favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolate . I never received a bouquet of roses before from anyone , this is the first time . Initially I felt weird about the whole thing of getting flowers for birthday but later I felt that it is okay and I was too into the bouquet and took lots of photos with the flowers . And I forgot about the time , I only ate Maggi mee for my lunch but it was alright as I was treated with such a surprise!Thanks my sister and my friend for making the surprise a success.

Then, in school . It was not that smooth sailing . For the past few days , we were able to roam freely in our school but today the wind was blown to the other direction . The management wanted to track down the students who are not in their respective classes. As I am the one who wanted to use the internet connection , with the immobility I had I was very reluctant to stay in the class assigned because I can’t use the internet in the class. So i sneaked out the room and went there . Burrrrrr..... I was like a fugitive .

But the other empty class has it .After loggin on to the Facebook , I saw lots of people writing on my wall to wish me Happy Birthday . I was touched by their moves .Even my ex-primary schoolfriends were among those who wished me. I would like to thanks all again for their time and their effort.

After around 9 p.m. I received lots of sms from my friends from ex-schoolmates to ex-uni friends. I was very surprised that some still remember my birthday . Anyway , my schoolmates decided to treat me at the Ipoh White Coffee at Subang Perdana and we went there to enjoyed ice blended coffee and tea. But after a glass , I felt I was going to vomit and hold back .I am certain that next time White Coffee or tea will not be part of my diet anymore. The feeling of indigestion in my stomach and the beverage seems stuck at my throat .

At around 11 p.m. I reached home and ready myself for the night . I replied all the sms greetings and phoned friends . Opps... my birthday was over when I was talking with my mother . Haha what a day of my birthday !

Thanks everyone again for the wishes and effort!


~*Feeling*~ said...

haha..the 2 pics looks so funny..luckly u manage to catch the bouquet of flowers..
glad that you like it..haha..
sorry cant spend ur Bday in person with you..
Btw,always remember you cant consume coffee and tea since it is not the first time you feel like vomiting.

WL said...

Yeah, but not with tea . I still remember the experience of vomiting . Thanks for the present .
(^ ^)

j-kiml said...

hey bro, r u going to tell us about "ah piao"?

WL said...

no la, it will scares ppl away