Monday, March 9, 2009

Selama Famous Porridge

This is the porridge shop.

For all the places , I came to a place called Selama in Perak which is next to Port Weld (Kuala Sepetang) . The distance from Simpang to Selama is around 5 km , which is half the journey from Simpang to Port Weld.

I arrived at the restaurant just in time for my lunch. We had ordered a big pot of porridge which consists of big size prawns and chunks of promphet fish.At the first look , the porridge looks nothing special , but when you savour the porridge together with the soup , you will be surprised that the soup is exceptionally sweet with a kick of seafood taste.

The prawns were very fresh as you will know when you sink your teeth into it. The freshness of the seafood opens up my appetite. Actually I am not really like porridge , but the food really gave me a good reason to like it. Although the place is situated a few kilometers away from the port but the porridge stalls which available at Port Weld are incomparable with this restaurant. Although the price of the porridge is around RM 60 but with the fresh seafood it is really worth the price.



~*Feeling*~ said...

You just like the "Ho Chak" tv show keep promoting f00d...hehe
Anyway..interesting entry

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