Thursday, March 12, 2009

!! 新しMH B737-800 航空機 !! New MH B737-800 aircraft aircraft

I have noticed the new B737-800 in the hanger beside my training school . It was newly painted with the MAS logo on it. I was wondering when will I have the chance to sit inside it. But today I managed to sit onto one of 2 newly introduced B737-800 from Penang to Kuala Lumpur. Initially , I was given a seat number 27 . In the old configuration of B737-400 series which currently serving MAS , I would be in the last row ,behind me is the lavatory .

The B737-800 series which can occupy more seats in the aircraft and also the interior ceiling of the aircraft has a wavy element like a stream of air flowing smoothly above it.

It has few modifications inside the aircraft but that are enough for the passengers to feel there are some differences . According to one of the stewardesses inside the flight , she said there are two B737-800 flying with Malaysia Airlines , what they are doing now is to test the market . This aircraft I was flying with was the lease aircraft from other country.

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