Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Japan Trip (27-12-09) Tokyo

Exhibits in Suginami Anime Museum

Second day of my tour, we went to lots of places in Tokyo using the unlimited one day pass Tokyo Metro メトロ .
First up is the Nakano sakue 中野坂上, we took the Metro from Shimbashi 新橋 ( Ginza Line) and change at Akasaka-Mitsuke 赤坂見附 to (Marunouchi Line) . And take the train bound for Ogikubo 荻窪 . We get off at Nakano sakue station 中野坂上 駅 to see the Flea market .

This type of flea market is almost the same as our Malaysian 's flea market . What surprise me most is that the CD in the flea market selling for either 20 円 or 100 円. Bought some CDs , i think i couldn't get this kind of price in Malaysia. Although the CD is quite out dated , it is new. One of it is 平井 堅 --- Life is .

Next we went to Suginami Anime Museum in Ogikubo 荻窪, we took the Marunouchi Line again to reach Ogikubo Station 荻窪 駅.

Suginami Anime Museum--Gundam .

After that we went to Shinjuku , Ginza for window shopping , Shibuya for 120 円 sushi , Asakusa for temple visit.
When we went to Asakusa to visit the Sensoji Temple , it was drizzling but later the sky was clear again!

Shibuya Busy Streets

120 円 sushi restaurant in Shibuya.

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