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Japan Trip (28-12-09) DisneySea

The third day , we planned to The Most Happiest Place On Earth - DisneySea. Actually , the slogan is for Disneyland but Never mind la I think it can be used interchangeably.

From 浜松千代駅 (Hamamatsucho Station) to 舞浜駅 (Maihama Station) using the JR line , and then change to Disney Resort Train at Resort Gate Way . We reached the destination which is Tokyo DisneySea at around 10 am .

Mediterranean Harbor
The first place we went was the Mediterranean Harbor which is located near to the main gate . We watched The Legend of Mythica performance after a few rides in the Mysterious Island and Lost River Delta .

Quotes from DisneySea :
Legend of Mythica
The legend of Mythica has been lost for ages, but now, through the Disney magic, it will be reborn! Taking place on both the land and waters of Mediterranean Harbor, this impressive show tells the fantastic tale of friendship and sorrow between humans and the legendary creatures. What is Mythica, and what is the secret to unlocking the door to this mythical world?

Mysterious Island
In Mysterious Island, we get our first fast pass (Journey to The Center of the Earth)at 11am . The validity of the ride is from 2.30 to 3.30 p.m. The ride was a bit scary at the end with a sudden drop and gone through a waterfall.

Quotes from DisneySea:
Journey to The Center of the Earth
Travel through mysterious caverns to the earth's core as a scientist aboard fantastic vehicles designed by Captain Nemo.
Duration: about 3 minutes
Capacity: 6 persons per vehicle
Top speed: about 75 km/hr

Port Discovery
Then we proceed to the Port Discovery where we enjoyed with the Aquatopia. If you happened to go to Disneyland California , the park also has this kind of rides but it is Autopia which a car to make u drive around through a specific course.

Quotes from DisneySea:
The Center for Weather Control usually uses this facility for testing out new types of navigation systems. However, to commemorate today's festival, the scientists at the CWC have made some special modifications.
Guests can board one of the experimental watercraft and embark on a twisting, whirling, wild ride through a labyrinth of fountains, rock formations and whirlpools.
Duration: about 2.5 minutes
Capacity: 3 persons per vehicle

Lost River Delta
Next we went to the more action packed rides which is located inside the Lost River Delta , there are 2 very exciting yet thrill ride :Indiana Jones Adventure(Temple of the Crystal Skull) and Raging Spirits.
I like both of the rides as they are of high quality thrill rides which will give the passengers feel the excitement and enjoy in the same time .

Quotes from DisneySea:
Indiana Jones Adventure(Temple of the Crystal Skull)
Follow in the footsteps of Dr. Indiana Jones in a harrowing, life-or-death quest for the legendary Fountain of Youth.
But beware the Fountain is purported to be guarded by a vengeful, supernatural spirit known as the Crystal Skull!
Duration: about 3minutes
Capacity: 12 persons per vehicle

Raging Spirits
A new adventure awaits you at the mysterious Lost River Delta! This roller coaster attraction takes everyone on a high-speed ride through the ruins of an ancient ceremonial site.

Quotes from DisneySea:
As you pass by the vengeful spirits awakened during the excavation, the bursting flames, encompassing steam, and spine-tingling 360-degree loop will make it a truly thrilling experience!
Duration: about 1.5 minutes
Capacity: 12 persons per vehicle

Mermaid Lagoon
Next up we went to Mermaid Lagoon where all the rides are specially made for kids and the young at heart . We lined up in the chilly wind condition to have a photo session with Ariel (Mermaid) in Ariel's Greeting Grotte.

Quotes from DisneySea:
Ariel's Greeting Grotte.
Princess Ariel from the Disney film The Little Mermaid is waiting to meet all the Guests here in her seaside cave. And after you meet, don't forget to pose for a few memorable photos!
Note:  Hours 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
During high Park attendance, the attraction entrance may be closed earlier than 6:00 p.m. Please confirm with a Cast Member.

American Waterfront
During the night , we went to American Waterfront which is next to the Mediterranean Harbor . In American Waterfront, we went to Big Band Beat . The show is very new to me with the live band and dancing .

Quotes from DisneySea:
Big Band Beat
Come swing to the music in this exciting jazz revue with energetic tap dancing to the sounds of a live big band!
You'll also find Disney characters taking center stage in song and dance, and Mickey's incredible performance on the drums is not to be missed!
Location: Broadway Music Theatre (presented by Japan Airlines)
Length of show: about 30 minutes
Capacity: about 1,500 persons per show.

That week , Disneysea had longer opening hours till 10p.m. Then , I went to the Tower of Terror . The elevator which is part of the ride , lifted about 6 floor above the ground before it dropped down . My heart trembled as I kept holding on to my seat belt . I was in the middle seat at last row ,in front of me there is a aisle . This makes me more scares , I was thinking if i were to drop off my seat I will be in trouble .

Quotes from DisneySea:
Tower of Terror
New York, 1912. Since the owner's mysterious disappearance 13 years earlier, Hotel Hightower been called the "Tower of Terror." Now, the New York City Preservation Society has finished restoring the landmark hotel and has started giving tours to the public. But what mysteries might still lie in wait within?
Duration: about 2 minutes
Vehicle Capacity: 22

We bought some of the seasonal gifts from Disney Store . During my visit , I managed to spot some exclusive new year gift sets .

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