Saturday, January 16, 2010

Japan Trip (29-12-09) Haneda A/P 羽田空港

This is the day when we set to go to another suburb area-Osaka,Japan Although last time I did the way from Tokyo to Osaka by train , we did it a different way by using flight .

The time taken for the journey is around an hour but the waiting process of getting us seats on a busy holiday season in Japan is an uphill task.
Even though we went to the Airport terminal from 浜松ちょ駅 (Hamamatsucho station) to 羽田空港第1ビル (Haneda Airport Terminal 1) for JAL 日本航空 .

But my expectation to try a foreign airlines was cut short . I knew that by using the Z fare ticket I can chose to travel with any carrier in Japan , but to my surprise that tickets only apply to their code share partners . Therefore , only ANA 全日本空輸 which I can use the tickets on.

We took all our baggages to the bus terminal and find for the free shuttle which is at platform 8 . Thats the time I could take a closer look at the surrounding . The surrounding is integrated with linked bridges and pedestrian pathways .

When we were inside the new Terminal 2 Building 羽田空港第2ビル , I was amazed by the glittering features at the top of the lobby . As we took the escalator to the check-in area , the crowds started to appear into our sights.

The system with Malaysia Airlines are totally different in terms of waiting for your seat using stand-by tickets. There , you are allowed to check-in your baggages and also allowed to enter the waiting area after you are being screened by the airport customs. Boarding passes are printed with relevant time , date and gate number for your convenience.
There are also a large screen to show you the next 2 flights which will be using that particular gate .

By waiting at the particular gate for the flight , there will be a LCD monitor to show the numbers of passengers who are waiting in the line .And when your name is called , boarding ticket will be presented to you!

In Malaysia , there is no such system but you are required to be at the check-in counter to take your boarding pass when your name is called.

Finally , got to board the aircraft from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Osaka (Kobe).

One more thing that I notice is that the boarding pass scanning system . The ticket scanning system which need to be touched with your pass to allow you to go through and there will be a cute sound emitted from the system.

Come back to the story , there are monitors in the cabin to show to the passengers the real time landing and take-off situation.

In ANA , they served green tea , peach tea, coffee tea etc but they don't serve groundnuts whereas in MAS they served peanuts and drinks (guava or orange juice).

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