Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chameleon Cameron

Last year at this period of time I was in Japan , but this year I didn't go abroad as I didn't plan any trips . Therefore , at the last minute, I managed to visit a local holiday destination which is Cameron Highland.

I felt disappointed as there are lots of uncontrollable logging and deforestation on the way up to the highland . Not only that , initially I tought a sweater would bring some relieve from the coldness but the temperature there is too hot for me to wear . We used the new road which is from Simpang Pulai to the highland , first we stopped at Tringkap to visit the Bharat tea plantation. As the sun shone on us , the fiery hot sun really made us feel hot instead of cool. Even though the breeze was soothing but if you stand under the hot sun ,then you will feel the heat.

There are lots of self-plucking strawberry parks around Tringkap and Brinchang . Last time , there are a few limited farms but now there are lots of it . It really made me lost the interest in going to one as it was not special anymore. Stalls along the roadside are selling strawberries and the price is not competitive enough . The price of the local and the imported ones are almost the same . The local strawberries are much sour than imported ones.

One thing worth mentioning is the yogurt strawberries with honey at the Big Red Strawberry Farm which is besides the Cactus Valley at Brinchang. The fresh sour strawberries with the sweet taste of honey and the creamy yogurt made a perfect blend of mouth watering dessert . Freshness of the strawberries is incomparable with the imported ones as it was plugged directly from the plants.

We have wasted most of our time in the traffic jam, around 2 hours . The congestion started from Tringkap to Brinchang . Approaching markets or farms , there will be a slow down. I hope the local authority can limit the traffic flow to the highland . So beware to go on holiday season, as lots of people will make the place congested and made your holiday a painful memory .

Anyway , it was a wonderful place to relax if minus the stress in the jam .

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