Thursday, December 25, 2008

First time Experience

This was the first time in my life that I was stuck inside a flight cabin for almost an hour . This is due to some technical glitches on the aircraft. When I first enter the sky bridge after walking out of the waiting hall , I was surprised to see an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer entered the aircraft . At first I thought he was going into the aircraft and travelled to Penang. I didn't aspect that it will become that serious until the flight was delayed .I was supposed to depart at 1540 but it flew at 1620.
And I arrived at Penang International Airport at 1705. After taxing , I reached the terminal around 1715.

This was the first time in my life that I was stuck inside a flight cabin fo
My boarding pass with TOD written :1540

TOA display at Penang International Airport :1705

Initially, I was happy to be given a window seat (F)which is on the No. 8 row . As the aircraft being towed from the bay to the runway ,I thought the engineer had gave a green light to the pilots . But then I was wrong . I , with the sweater on had a difficulty to cope with the hot cabin . After taking off the sweater , I coped better but still not up to my expectation.

After the seat belt sign was switched off when the aircraft was airborne, I was delighted to be served with a treat , more than the usual orange juice and peanuts. The box consisted of a piece of fruits cake, a sweet and spicy peanuts, two pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate and a cup of orange juice.

This is first time I am seeing this kind of meal box . And usually we get the salted peanuts but that day I received the sweet and spicy peanuts for a change.

The meal box

Inside the meal box

The usual Salted Peanuts given onboard

I really appreciate the kind and generous hospitality given by the airline . I am not bias in anyway because it is fair to treat the customer after a long time of waiting .

If next time you are travelling on a Boeing 737-400 aircraft , I would like to advice you to request for a seat from row No. 1 to No. 8 in order to have a perfect view of scenery .
And if you can avoid taking row No. 11 to No. 14 because that few rows are near the emergency exits which is not so convenient .
Don't take the last row of economy class which is No. 27 because you can't incline your seat .


谢振凌|사진릉 said...

Pity you...
I had a similar experience before, though not in Malaysia when I travelled from Hyderabad to Kolkata. It was terrible nightmare and I was almost suffocated inside the cabin.
Strictly speaking, you were quite lucky that they still treated you with chocolates...I had never been treated like that...(though I had 2 free business class ticket from Bangalore to KL, I only paid Economy class fare..:P)

WL said...

How long you have been inside the cabin?
Thats really bad if the airlines didn't compensate anything to the passengers.

How do you upgrade your class to business ? Is anything relate to loyalty card program .

谢振凌|사진릉 said...

erm, I think it was almost an hour...
no air conditioner also...

the first time was because the college promised me that I could register on Monday, but economy class was fully booked. So the college gave me the business class flight including flight back to Malaysia. The second time was because I just applied for Enrich membership(I think).

WL said...

So, you are a big fan of MAS la. I heard most ppl said other airlines fare is cheaper eg. Thai Airways.

Have u heard about star alliance ? There are 21 airlines under the airline alliance.
Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines are under it. But not MAS.

I read the faqs , it is stated that you can redeem membership points with other airlines under star alliance.
The url :

谢振凌|사진릉 said...

Because when I need to travel India-Malaysia frequently, MAS was the only airline that was most convenient that time. Singapore airline were so expensive, Thai airline had to stop somewhere else...

raptor_ravenlord said...

wow, u actually got ferrero rocher chocs for ur snack box.... mas must be getting rich lol..... or was it special employees' privilege only?

WL said...

They treat everyone equally , nothing to do with what so ever privilege . I will buy u the chocolate la , if u like it . Tell me when u re coming back .LOL.