Monday, December 8, 2008

Curry Mee Hunt-Down

After having heard of the famous Curry Mee at Lorong 100 Tahun near to the Anson Road market , I have not tried it even once as I am not a real curry mee fans . My parents once told me that the Curry Mee at Lorong 100 tahun is not so fragrant compared with the curry mee at the Hin Leong Coffeeshop along Macalister Road.

Upon reaching the coffee shop of famous Curry Mee at Lorong 100 Tahun, there is no other stalls except curry mee and Loh Bak .I ordered the Loh Bak but it was served only with chili sauce and no 'loh'. It is a standard for Loh Bak seller to prepare both chili sauce and 'loh' in Penang. After waiting for around 5 minutes , the food is served . At first there is no chili paste on the spoon but the lady who served us brought us a big bowl of chili paste which is different from any chilies use in other dishes .

The curry mee fragrant is there but it is not to my expectation. The most important of the taste curry mee is not the coconut milk in it but the chili paste .

After eating the curry mee , I headed to the Macalister road , Hin Leong Coffeeshop which is located at a junction of Perak Road ,Barrack Road and Macalister Road . It is easy to miss the shop if you didn't pay attention to the location of the coffeeshop. The coffee shop which has highlighted by The Star saying that it is a vintage coffee shop with tasty hawker food. I love the environment of the coffee shop which is hard to find in KL , the setting is in the 60's but still maintain its cleanliness . There are other hawker food other than Curry Mee which are Wan Tan Mee, Chicken Rice,etc.

As the title of the entry , I continued on my hunt and i ordered a bowl of Curry Mee . The chili paste given was little compared to the previous which you can take as much as you like. But the fragrance in the bowl is much better than the Lorong 100 Tahun's. And one more thing to highlight is the price of Curry Mee here is cheaper compared to the previous.

Try both if you want to know the difference! After all , famous hawker food sometimes will be not as tasty as it seems .


谢振凌|사진릉 said...

So nice...I missed Curry Mee.
I wish I were in Penang, but unfortunately the holiday's too short. I could only be back during Christmas.

WL said...

Nvm la , me too. I came back in the weekend and no long holiday eg 2 weeks or more .