Thursday, February 26, 2009

Central Club (Issue 1)

This week , we have the removal and installation of rigid and flexible pipelines. Most of our classmates had did it before us . To be specific on pipelines , there are a few kinds of pipelines in the aircraft :

Flexible pipelines ,

Rigid pipelines.

As the name suggested ,you would probably know the meaning of flexible and rigid . Flexible pipelines usually are interconnected with each other or with the other systems such as : engine . While rigid pipelines are used , where minimal / no vibration or motion occurs. If aircraft is subjected to heavy landing , therefore , the bending and denting of the rigid pipelines need to be replaced .

Good to know terms :

1/6 Hexagonal flat :-

A hexagonal shaped bolt has 6 sided and you need to turn face of bolt (facing you)in order to become the adjacent face of bolt (facing you).This is to ensure that appropriate torque to be applied to the bolt.

Index line(straight line painted along surface of pipeline):-

This index line is used to identify whether the pipeline has twisted or not . If the pipeline is twisted then hose failure or hose coupling leakage could occur.

Underneath the aircraft simulator lays a dozen of flexible and rigid pipelines , initially we thought 5 person working on it are enough .But , we spent almost 2.5 hours beneath the tiny space . Although it was tiring , we learned a lot of hands on experience and technique in installing the pipelines . Different size of bolts make us use different size of spanners.

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