Friday, February 20, 2009

Rush Rush Rush!

Those were the days ......

I have missed most of the excitement and the anxiety of being rush from one lecture room to another for a long time. Before my days here , I used to rush from one class to another especially in the morning. I had made my schedule in university life so tight until I couldn't catch my breath , I tell you it is fun because at that time there are friends around you and you laughed away those miserable things with them. For example, I still remember one of the weekdays ,I had registered my courses for 2 consecutive sessions. From 8 to 10 a.m. was my nutrition class and 10 to 12 p.m. was my Japanese class. We got the fun from rushing to another lecture room because everyone is chasing each other . Those memories were just too good to forget .

Talking about present time , I have so long did't 'rush the hell out of me ' already. I am going to have my exam tomorrow . As night falls, I received a call from our school manager saying that our exam is cancelled and no saturday activities because there is a power cut tomorrow. I was shocked due to the fact that I didn't foreseen that there will be a postponement . Anyway , I have been thinking of going back Penang next week because there is an extra public holiday which falls on the monday . But then , my throat is troubling me , I have this irritable throat infection ,I think for 3 days already . First started as a regular sore throat then fever then terrible sore until I hardly can talk and swallow (even my own saliva) . I am grateful that finally I am on my way back to Penang now to get it treated.

Oopps, I have deviate from what I am suppose to explain. The rush issue is -I was rushing to catch the bus on 7.45p.m. from our Subang Airport to KLIA . But then , when I was about to run out to catch the bus ,the bus left mercilessly . ;-( not a pity on me . Anyway , I was thinking of the time when I was at university with my friends around that would be different , different in the sense that we can enjoy the moment by talking some jokes or laughs our way through the waiting process for the next bus . But at that moment I was alone, no one was there , there was a silence in me with an empty mind. Luckily , I managed to seize the last minute before the bus left again . The bus conductor told me if I were late for another minute , the bus would left already. Luckily me !


色盲画家 said...

rush rush rush!!!

WL said...

Long time no see. Fine lately.
Sorry I don't remember who are you . Sorry to say about that. I have visited your blog , it is nice.Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Always on my mind that what if you are still here in UMS ??!!

How would life be? How would our life be with you here in UMS??

Miss you a lot!

~ Jian Ming~