Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hokkaido White Curry

Box of Japanese White Curry

As I was browsing through the Japanese food section in a supermarket, I saw one interesting box labeled Hokkaido White Curry. Therefore I bought it . And I planned it for my dinner .
First impression after opening the box , I saw two separated section of hardened paste sealed in its individual compartments.And I teared the seal . After boiling the water with the vegetables I put the paste in it. My dinner was served in just 30 minutes . You can try it out if you want .
There are a lot of selection in the market ,including Javanese Curry etc . All the Japanese version of curry is incomparable with the local curry . But if you like the curry to be less hot and spicy then I recommend you to try it out.

The ingredients:
2 cloves of garlic
3 tablespoon of cooking oil
4 medium size potato
1 stick of carrot
250 ml of milk
500 ml of water
1 piece of paste (Hokkaido White Curry)
10 pieces of sweet peas

Put the cooking oil into the pot and cook with the finely chopped garlic.
Then, the water is poured into the pot and put it to a boil.
After that , the potatoes and carrot are chopped into chunks.
With the water boiling for 20 minutes , add the milk and paste into the cooking .
Add pepper and salt accordingly . And serve it with rice.

You can replaced the rice with white rice but it tasted better with Japanese rice ( japonica).

Ready to be served.

Just after the paste is placed into the pot.


~*Feeling*~ said...

finally saw ur update..well this looks more delicious than the one u cooked it in grandma house ^^

WL said...


raptor_ravenlord said...

wat, no meat, no onion? btw that hokkaido white curry looks alot like the white stew we have here...