Friday, February 27, 2009

Delay'ed' again 2

The usual tidbit and drink served onboard .

Just arrived Penang an hour ago, very tired and sleepy . I don't receive the service which I got when I encountered a delay last time. You can see this entry by clicking

This time around when everyone is so tired of changing from one departure gate A6 to A7 ,then to A9 finally we got a personal apology from the pilot after we arrived at Penang International Airport . He was standing next to the aisle and behind his cockpit door saying sorry to us .I overheard one of the Eurasian lady said to her partner , after she was greeted by the pilot:

Lady: He would probably say good night instead of sorry . But , I won't forgive him totally even he apologized to me just now.

I arrived in Penang quarter past eight. I looked at the arrival display . 3 of the arrivals from KUL were within 20 minutes range .Our flight should be arriving at 6 p.m. and MH 1158 at 7.20 p.m. Now both MH1154 and MH 1158 were delayed . Both arrived within 3 minutes apart from each other . 7.56 p.m. and 7.59 p.m. respectively . Meanwhile MH 1162 was on schedule arrived at 8.13 p.m.

I felt that if there is any problem happens to the aircraft , a mere sorry wouldn't enough . Better to be late than sorry .
In my point of view , the pilot has to apologize to the passengers even though the engineers are responsible for it .

I met my ex-colleague at the waiting hall.

The arrival display at Penang International Airport.


~*Feeling*~ said...

MAS always give such poor services?? If yes then is a sad news..
Anyway..she the girl you meet in KLIA..
I thought who is the mistery girl..
btw she looks pretty with your GAP jacket ^^

Leo said...

where is the 'compensation meal'???
btw, ppl say 'one door closes, another door opens'....and that's when u met this girl....
n when i say 'another door opens', i mean a door of opportunity...hehe

WL said...

To feeling:

I am the one who is wearing not her la.

To Leo:
So good imagination you have , there is no door exists la.